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Over in the cave, the other three tribe members are trying to figure out how to get Erik out of the game. Cirie worries that he'll just keep winning immunity challenges, but Parvati keeps the faith that he'll be the next to go. As for Amanda, she again tells us that she totally trusts Cirie, who was ready to pick rocks to keep Amanda in the game. She ... was? Because all I saw was Cirie saying that she didn't want to pick rocks and therefore would be voting Amanda out. Which was exactly what she did. So either the editors were playing tricks on us to make last week's boot even more awesome or Cirie really does have the power to control people's minds and has used it to make Amanda believe a version of events that never happened. I'm sure it's the former, but I secretly hope it's the latter. Parvati says the most important thing right now is that Erik doesn't win the reward challenge and send Natalie to Exile, because if she gets the idol and Erik wins immunity, one of them will be going home next. Cirie says that the key to working with Erik is to "get in his head," which is easy for her to say, what with her mind-control powers and all. Amanda will have to settle for playing up her hurt feelings of betrayal and offering to forgive Erik for trying to vote her off if he does her bidding, which is send Parvati to Exile and bring Amanda on the reward.

As instructed by Cirie, Amanda reports to Erik and asks him what he's thinking about the game now. Erik says he's just looking forward to the reward challenge and trying to win it. "I wanna win it. Because I am starving!" Erik says. Amanda strikes a deal with Erik: if she wins, she'll take him along. If he wins, he'll take her. If I was Erik, I'd laugh in her non-challenge-winning face. But Erik just tells us that he recognizes that Amanda is a "very strategic player" and that he's having a hard time trusting her after she called him out in front of the entire jury. Meanwhile, Amanda is telling Erik they should team up, because they're both threats to the remaining players so one of them will be next to go. Erik rubs his chin and agrees with Amanda's assessment. Amanda tells us that Erik is naïve, so she's pretty confident she'll be able to "manipulate his mind" into sending Parvati to Exile Island. Sure enough, Erik tells Amanda that Natalie was "pushing" to send him to Exile Island if she won the reward challenge (another laughable prospect). "And I don't wanna go at all!" he whines. Um ... Erik knows that the immunity idol is on Exile Island, right? And that it's worth spending two days alone there since it guarantees you a spot in the Final Four, provided that you actually use it? And that they're playing for a million dollars, so being in the Final Four is a very good thing? Amanda twists this beautifully, saying that Natalie wants Erik to go to Exile Island so he'll be weak for the immunity challenge. "You're playing a physical game; why would you weaken yourself?" Amanda asks. She does not point out that it won't matter how weak Erik is for the next immunity challenge if he has the IMMUNITY IDOL, but that's something that he really should be thinking about. And he isn't! Amanda claims that Parvati is "so weak" right now that she won't have the energy to even look for the immunity idol. Erik nods as if this makes any sense at all and tells us that he's got both Natalie and Amanda trying to fit him into their plans and he doesn't know who to trust. The answer is NO ONE. Didn't you see what happened when Ozzy trusted people? Or Jason? These same people, in fact? "You're good at thinking, Erik," Amanda says, barely able to refrain from laughing in his face. "It's not all hair up by my head!" Erik proclaims. The implication, of course, is that some of it is brain matter. But that's just an implication -- it doesn't make it true.

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