If It Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese

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A lone bat shivers in a cave. Natalie talks to Erik and says she's pretty sure she's the one going home tonight, but she does have "the most harebrained idea." I want to know who thought to use the term harebrained, because it was a nice touch. Erik says he's got plenty of hair on his brain, so he likes this already. Natalie starts off slowly, suggesting that she, Erik, and Cirie vote out Amanda tonight. She hesitates, not even wanting to let these stupid words leave her mouth because there's no way it's going to work, then says Erik will have to give Natalie his immunity necklace. "I'm not even going to consider that," Erik says. Correct, Erik. Now turn around and walk away. But he doesn't. Instead, he considers it. Natalie begs him to hear her out, and says Cirie will only vote for Amanda tonight if Erik gives up the necklace. Erik doesn't see why they can't vote for Amanda without him giving up his necklace. Natalie says Erik needs to redeem himself to the jury, and Erik needs to ask himself why Natalie would care so much about him looking good to the jury. That seems to be in the opposite of her best interests. "You're going to need a pivotal move if you want a jury vote," Natalie says. Erik nods and says he doesn't think he'll do so well in front of the jury as things stand right now. Moron! Why does he think that? Most of the people on the jury have been burned by one or all of the women -- not Erik. As long as Amanda isn't in the Final Three, he'd probably run away with this. Erik says he'll talk to Cirie. And even if she is in the Final Three, he still has a good chance provided that the jury respects immunity runs.

We all know Erik is screwed now, because he's talking to Cirie and there's nothing she can't convince you to do. He asks her why he can't vote for Amanda and keep his necklace. Cirie says she wouldn't believe Erik after all the stuff he's said to everyone in camp. She says she really wishes she could trust him, but this is his fault for breaking that trust. Cirie says she knows it's hard to ask someone to give up immunity, but it's the only way she'll know that he's for real. Erik sits there and thinks about this. Cirie tells us that she thinks Erik is starting to take the bait, and as soon as he gives up the necklace, his torch is snuffed. Cirie kindly says that Erik is a "pretty smart guy," so they have a 50-50 shot of getting what they want tonight. Okay, no. If Erik was a "pretty smart guy," you'd have NO SHOT at getting him to give up the necklace. If he was borderline retarded, you'd STILL have no shot. I happened to watch this show while studying one-celled organisms under a microscope, and they were all like, "you'd have to pry that immunity necklace off of our cold, dead, cilia." NO ONE GIVES UP THE IMMUNITY NECKLACE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

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