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The Ulong Goodbye

When Jeff comes back, the first vote is for Caryn. Then Steph, Steph, Steph, and Steph, so that will do it. And it really, really looks like she knew that was coming. She goes over and is snuffed, and then she scurries off, before -- I think -- she can start crying. There are some very sad faces, because everybody knows that was a cool girl. They're not feeling all "haaaa-ha" about it, the way they usually do. Jeff calls it "relatively speaking, another easy vote," in that Steph was the last of the Ulong. Now, they're down to six original members of Koror, so there's no choice but to start eating each other. So go back to camp, and sharpen those canines! They go.

Steph is very much at peace in her exit interview, talking about what a great time she had, and how proud she is of how well she did. As she should be. I will miss you, Miss Stephenie. You were a princess among dinks.

Next week: intrigue! Something dreadful! Tom and Ian worry about Katie's loyalty. Caryn tries to capitalize. I continue wanting to beat up Coby whenever I look upon the jury.

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