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The Ulong Goodbye

The next day, as Steph chops a coconut, she asks Katie whether the four-person alliance they formerly had is a thing of the past, and Katie says she supposes it is, after what went on last night. "Who's running the show here, Gregg or Ian?" Steph asks. Katie claims not to know, but just says it's not her. That much, I certainly believe. Steph interviews that Katie doesn't make a very confidence-inspiring alliance partner, given the way she always claims not to know what's going on. Steph says that she thinks she needs to talk to Tom, so she does. Tom tells her that there are shake-ups, but vows that he's still trying to look out for her as much as he can, and that he's looking for opportunities to make a move. He also chuckles that Steph didn't do herself any favors by looking as tough as she has and winning...well, not so much winning anything, but still. Tom interviews that Steph hasn't hung around this long for nothing, and that he knows she's a strong player. But now she's looking for a way to stay in the game, and he knows that's potentially a threat to him. He says that, for that reason, it's probably best that they get rid of her. Steph tells Tom that it's "scary" looking at being booted, and Tom tells her he understands, because he figures he'll probably be taken out two people after her -- presumably after Caryn, if all else goes according to plan. Indeed, he interviews that he thinks he'll be perceived as a threat just as Stephenie now is, and that they'll come after him after Steph. A crab runs across the sand holding up a sign that says, "IF NOT SOONER."

There is now an original-Koror meeting, from which Steph appears to be excluded, where Tom essentially pleads with the tribe not to eliminate him for being a strong player. I don't really fault him for saying whatever he can think of to help himself, but I don't expect that to have much of an effect, either. I'm not sure that anyone has ever gotten to tribal council and said, "Well, I was going to vote him off, but he did ask me not to. And he asked nicely." Tom tells us that he can only hope his tribemates don't hold his strength as a competitor against him. Totally, Tom! Maybe they'll just let you win!

Later, Katie asks Gregg, A-Jen, and Ian what they thought of Tom's speech, and they are noncommittal. Katie interviews that she thinks the whole bit about having helped the tribe is sort of silly, because they all know the game is individual now, so it's not like they're going to sit back and let him take it. As he floats out in the water, we are forced to contemplate Tom's possible departure, and specifically the fact that Steph's only way out may be to have Tom booted instead. Booo! I want them to boot Caryn! Or Anonymous Jen! Or...James again, just for the hell of it! Katie then says that she realizes that her alliance is currently with "people that are really good," so she's wondering if it wouldn't be better to wind up with people who...well, aren't quite so good. To that end, we now observe a conversation in which it appears that Steph, Katie, and A-Jen discuss the possibility of an alliance among the four remaining women. Steph asks A-Jen whether she would really do that to Gregg, and A-Jen says she'd consider it if it meant getting farther in the game. Oh, another grimy romance, potentially betrayed. If you took all the love that this show has dashed in the dirt, you could fuel a wind-up set of chattering teeth.

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