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The Ulong Goodbye

The tribe comes to a challenge clearing where Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Tom. He then explains the challenge, and if you ever played Toss Across as a kid, this will look familiar to you. Basically, they'll be up on a platform, about twenty feet from a big game board that has ceramic tiles in it. Five per person. You throw coconuts toward the board, trying to hit the tiles in your color, and the first person to knock out all five tiles will be the winner. Of course, if you knock out someone else's, that also counts for them. So this, really, is somewhat about strength in that you have to be able to get a decent throw off, but it's mostly about aim, because the grid is a little ways away.

Ian steps up, grabs a coconut, and immediately smashes out one of his tiles. One point for Ian. Next up is Katie, who misses when her coconut bounces off the board. Gregg steps up and takes out one of his, so he and Ian are tied. A-Jen takes out one of Caryn's. "Thank you, Jen!" Caryn says. But then Caryn steps up and misses. Tom then accidentally hits one of Katie's. Steph hits another one of Caryn's, putting Caryn in the lead. Second round starts. Ian hits another one of his. Katie misses. Gregg hits -- another of Ian's! So now, Ian has three. Jen gets one of Tom's, putting Tom on the board. Caryn hits Katie again, and Katie laughs at the absurdity of doing so well without doing anything, which is sort of a metaphor for Survivor itself. Tom steps up and hits one of his, so he has two. "Jersey still not on the board," Jeff says as Steph steps up. And misses again. I love her so much...why is she is so bad at everything?

Next round. Ian hits another one of his, so now he has four. Katie gets Jen instead. Gregg gets one of his. Jen gets one of hers. Caryn gets one of Steph's, putting Steph on the board. Tom takes aim and hits a green one, so he seems to have the hang of it. Steph misses -- again. Next round. Ian has one left, but when he tosses, he hits Steph again, so she has two down. Katie hits her own, so she's up to three. Gregg hits one of his. Jen's bounces off. Caryn misses entirely. She sucks. Tom...accidentally hits Ian's last one with a very bad bounce, so that will do it, and Ian's got immunity. Jeff gives Ian the necklace, not even congratulating him on being so clean, which seems a little less than generous, under the circumstances. You have to follow mockery with appropriate praise, Jeff! Haven't you been to management school?

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