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The Ulong Goodbye

Later, at Koror, it is raining. Hard. And Tom notes that it's a bit of a "curve ball" not to be able to go off and talk because of the weather, and he thinks it will be pretty amusing if everyone suddenly scampers off to cut deals as soon as the sun comes out. Heh. Caryn and Katie head out to "go get snails." Steph tells us that she assumes Katie is going to tell Caryn about the women's-alliance idea, but she's not sure whether the women are actually going to follow through with that idea: "We'll see."

As Katie and Caryn work, Katie asks Caryn if she'd rather team up with the women or stand around and wait to get stomped by the three guys who will continually win immunity. "We have four, and they have three," she says simply of the gender balance. Caryn interviews that she got this as an offer from Katie. Katie tells Caryn that she loves Tom and will hate voting for him: "But I've accepted that I'm going to have to write his name down, or else he's going to win." Not to make Katie sound like the voice of reason, but...seriously. That's very true, and it would be a damn good lesson for everyone who goes on this show to learn. You can't refuse to vote for anyone if you expect to win the money. Caryn tells us that she has to think about what to do, because she's been dealing with Tom. She says she has no "alliance" with anyone, but insists that she's "watching out" for Tom, and that Tom is "watching out" for her. I'm not sure what that means, except that it's an expression Tom uses to mean "I would rather not vote for you, but I will if it seems strategically critical." There should be a name for that promise. Like, for instance, "Whatever-plus." To be used thusly: "Would you ever vote me off?" "Whatever-plus." "Okay. Me, too."

Whatever it means, Caryn takes it seriously, because she immediately runs to Tom to tell him that his name is being mentioned "all over the place." He asks her what that means, and she says that "the girls are talking." Tom asks her why she's telling him this, and she just insists that it's because she said she would. Tom continues to be suspicious of this information, and Caryn continues just to say she told him she'd give him any information that made it to her,'s what she knows. Tom interviews that he's not sure what to think about this, since he doesn't understand why Caryn would tell him this. And I don't either. Which makes it sort of brilliant, because it's so obviously foolish for her to share this information that Tom almost doesn't believe her. Ironic! Caryn tells Tom that Katie is "throwing around possible scenarios." Tom says he needs to talk to Ian.

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