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Third Time's A Charm

Everyone sits around eating chicken soup. Amanda isn't there, and her absence is duly noted. Parvati coolly explains that Amanda is off washing her armpits because they smelled. I'm sure Amanda really appreciated that cover story, but it got the job done, right? While the rest of the contestants eat their chicken and believe that Amanda's a dead duck, Amanda grabs a shovel and digs for her Survivor life. She says if she doesn't find the idol, she's out tonight. We don't see if she gets it or not, but she's got a pretty deep hole dug so far with no sign of the idol yet. The suspense, it builds.

The moon shoots up into the sky and it's time for tribal council. The jury enters and Eliza has an immediate reaction to the lack of James. But he is there! For maximum dramatic effect, James comes in separately, staggering in tribal council WITH AN IV POLE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Come on! Amanda cries. Everyone is shocked. As James takes a seat with the jury, Probst explains that James had to leave the game and had an infection, so he has an IV bag. That is ridiculous.

Probst opens it up by asking Amanda if she found the idol at Exile. Ozzy sarcastically pumps his fist in the air as Jason laughs, so useless is the idol. When it's in the hands of idiots, yes. By the way, while everyone else looks fresh and clean, Jason still looks pretty much the same as when he was voted out. Amanda says she couldn't find it and knows that she threw away her only chance to stay past tonight. She's convincingly upset about it, too. The sight of James probably helped her out here. Probst asks Cirie who the physical threats are. She says Erik and Amanda. Probst points out that Erik can't be voted out tonight. Amanda says that almost everyone already told her that they're voting for her tonight except for Parvati, who says Amanda is like her "little sister" and she can't vote for her. This also makes Parvati look slightly better to the jury, although I doubt there's anything she can do to make them not hate her. Amanda acts the part of a wronged contestant, saying that she thought she had that same bond with Erik and came through for Erik when he needed her, but now that the tables are turned, he can't be bothered. Erik says Amanda is blaming him unfairly and putting the whole thing on him when there are three other people voting for her. Amanda says she helped Erik through the merge and just wanted the same loyalty in return. Cut to the jury, who are shaking their heads disapprovingly except for Eliza, who's just gawking. "I'm pretty pissed off right now," Amanda says. Oh, she is good, isn't she? Not only will she shock almost everyone with the idol, but she's going to make sure Erik looks bad to the jury as well. Probst is loving this. He asks Natalie who concerns her the most. Natalie says Amanda does, because she hasn't screwed over anyone who is in the jury right now. And Natalie can say this because she's that sure Amanda is going tonight and wants to butter Amanda up to vote for her at the end by saying what a great, honest person Amanda is. Alexis agrees and says that everyone adores and respects Amanda, but this is the game. Those two are so sure that they're on top of everything that they will just straight-out tell people they're going home tonight, even the people who just spent two days on an island with an immunity idol. Even if you couldn't predict that the idol was buried at Dabu, wouldn't you at least entertain the thought that perhaps Amanda had hidden the idol somehow before showing the contents of her bag? That maybe she was an expert at sleight of hand? Man, confidence makes you an idiot. Amanda rolls her eyes with righteous indignation. Probst sends everyone off to vote.

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