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Third Time's A Charm

Next question: Who is the most honest? Everyone has to think about this since none of them are honest. Hilariously, Natalie chooses herself. That's like the "everything I say is a lie" paradox. The correct answer is Alexis, which only Cirie answers accurately. She chops Erik, which is smart since this is his last chop so he won't be able to get her back. His doll shatters, the little hairpiece falling last. That's what you get for messing with Cirie.

Next question: Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner? Wow, that's a particularly evil question. Everyone says James, including James, except for Natalie because she probably thought it would look super racist to put James down. "What's up with that?" wonders James, Sr. I'd like to know the answer to that as well, actually. I'd be least likely to invite Erik, since the last family dinner he went to he ended up strung out on betel nuts and barfing on sacred land. So now it's time to chop, and Alexis goes first with everyone left having one chop left before he's out. So it sucks to go first, since you know whoever you chop down and take out of the game is going to get you back and take you out as well. Alexis takes out James, and James Sr. is NOT pleased. "Wait until I get back home, we're going to talk about her," he mutters. I love James Sr. Put him on the show! James gets to chop next, and he heads for Cirie despite her pleas that she never chopped him and the fact that Alexis is the one who took him out of the game in the first place. He doesn't care and out she goes, much to her husband's disappointment.

Amanda takes out Natalie, and ROCKY will kill her for this. Cirie gets the final chop, and it's between Amanda and Alexis. Cirie heads right for Amanda, who's pissed and surprised. Don't know why she's surprised, though. She's at the bottom of the alliance. Alexis isn't. And if it wasn't obvious before, it should be now. Alexis gets to pick two players to come with her along with their loved ones. Alexis picks Cirie, since Cirie is the reason she won, and Cirie is thrilled, jumping up and down and running to her husband. Alexis also chooses Natalie, which means MORE ROCKY!!!! And, of course, Alexis has to pick who goes to Exile. "Um," Alexis starts. Amanda raises her hand and Alexis is happy to have a volunteer. Amanda stands and asks if she can hug her sister good-bye. "Nope!" Probst says. He follows that up with a "sorry," but I don't think he means it. Probst is one ice-cold motherfucker. Amanda leaves and Probst sends the rest of the loved ones away. He tells James to go to medical about the finger again.

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