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Third Time's A Charm

And it's time for the immunity challenge! The players arrive and greet Amanda, who immediately notices a lack of James. She looks like she wants to barf when they tell her what happened. "Oh my god!" she says, stunned. "The game continues!" Probst barks. It kind of sucks that she didn't get to say good-bye to him or anything, especially since I'm pretty sure the medics knew James would have to leave the game the first time they saw him and only kept him in there until after the reward challenge to make things more exciting. Probst says three people leaving the game without being voted out is a "Survivor first." Way to contribute to that dubious achievement, Kathy! Probst seems disgusted, but it's not like James or Jonathan could help it. Maybe next time, the producers will choose a location that isn't swarming with bacteria and challenges that are full of spikes and other flesh-penetrating instruments. And cast someone who won't quit.

For today's challenge, contestants will fire a "high-powered rifle" into sake bottles filled with colored liquid, all the better to shatter fantastically with. Each player has three bottles, and the first person to break all of his wins. There is a random draw to choose the shooting order, and of course Natalie wins it because she always wins these random draws. Natalie takes aim and fires, smashing her bottle. And they may be using a "high-powered rifle," but those do not look like bullets they're shooting. Nor does the rifle seem very high-powered, since the projectile is fired slowly enough to be seen by the naked eye. Amanda is next, and she misses. Parvati nails her bottle. Cirie misses hugely. Like, she almost breaks Natalie's bottle. Actually, that's not a bad idea: If the girls are so obsessed with one of them beating Erik in the challenge, why not just pick one woman and have everyone shoot at her bottles instead of her own? Erik's next up, and he breaks his bottle. The ladies are clearly not pleased about this, but Amanda congratulates Erik anyway. Alexis is last up, and her knee is too sore for her to hit her bottle.

Second round! Natalie hits her bottle, but it doesn't break. She's pissed. I'd be too; that high-powered rifle truly sucks. I think I've seen higher-powered rifles at the carnival shoot-out-the-star game. Erik, of course, is delighted. Amanda misses her bottle but almost hits Alexis'. Parvati misses. Cirie hits her name tag but misses the bottle. Erik shatters his second bottle and the girls start to sweat. Alexis misses yet again.

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