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Third Time's A Charm

Third round! Natalie needs to hit her bottle. She does. Despite the camera showing Amanda aiming for one of her little bottles, Amanda hits the rope holding up the big one and it falls to the ground and shatters. Parvati misses, to which Probst says, "Parvati misses again." Cirie misses again. Before Erik goes, Probst reminds everyone that if he hits his bottle, he wins immunity. Erik aims carefully while the girls pray he misses. But God hates them, so Erik hits his third and last bottle. Probst proclaims him the winner while the girls exchange "Oh shit" looks. Except for Alexis who is laughing for some reason. I guess because she thinks there's just no way she's the one going home tonight. None at all! Probst puts the necklace around Erik's neck and he somehow refrains from laughing in all the girls' faces. So I'll do it from my couch. Ha ha ha! There goes your alliance! Get ready to eat each other!

Upon their return to the beach, a very clever Amanda immediately announces that she doesn't have the idol. To prove it, she empties her bag in front of them. As she does this, she lies that she couldn't find the third clue, which was underwater and the current was too strong. Once everything is out of Amanda's bag, the girls say the idol is cursed anyway, seemingly buying what Amanda's selling. And why not? It would never occur to me that the idol was hidden at the camp, although I would wonder why Amanda was so eager to show me that she's vote-off-able, especially when she's obviously the person going home tonight since Erik just won immunity. But I think the women are too relieved to have someone to vote out tonight to think about this. Shockingly, the chickens that we haven't seen in like five episodes are still alive. Or at least, they were. One of them is going to get eaten tonight. Natalie volunteers for chicken-killing duty so she can make earrings out of its feet and exfoliate with its gizzard or something.

Meanwhile, Amanda takes Parvati for a walk, where she reveals that the idol is buried at camp. NOOOO! Don't tell her! Noooo! Why would she think she can trust Parvati after she got rid of Ozzy? But I guess she's figuring it's a risk worth taking because she needs someone's help. Fortunately for Amanda, Parvati is the right person to trust, since she wouldn't even agree with her own alliance to vote Amanda out tonight. Parvati squeals with delight at this turn of events, at first thinking that Amanda somehow buried the idol herself without anyone seeing. Amanda should have just let her think that; Parvati would probably start worshipping her as a god. But she tells her about the last clue and then they get down to deciding who to vote out tonight. Parvati wants Alexis to go but Amanda wants to take out Natalie, thinking she's the bigger challenge threat. Which is a good point, seeing as Alexis can't stop talking about her sore knee that will presumably affect her ability to win challenges. Then again, Natalie lost the bucket endurance challenge because she, like, forgot where she was and then her pants fell down so she's not exactly Little Miss Immunity, either. Parvati also reveals that the girls have been talking about voting Amanda out tonight. Then we miss the part of the conversation where Parvati suggests bringing Erik in on their plan and go to Amanda saying she doesn't think she can trust Erik to vote with them. Parvati thinks she should try reminding Erik that she kept him in the game once before.

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