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It's Night 23 and the tribe just voted out Jay. As they walk back into camp, Sabrina notes that she knew Troy had the Idol. Troy interviews that he knows that he's next in line. As they all sit around, Sabrina says, "It is what it is" which means nothing and is obviously intended to break up an awkward silence. Christina tries to convince Troy that it's a compliment (that they're going to vote him out, I guess?) and Troy confronts Christina about lying to him, saying that she never intended to vote for anyone but Jay. Christina avoids answering, but Troy keeps pushing her to admit that she lied. Someone across the fire (Chelsea? Kim?) tells Troy to stop attacking Christina and Troy goes from zero to sixty and starts yelling. Alicia, never one to avoid a chance to wobble her head and wave her finger at someone, jumps into the fray and exchanges a few nonsense words with Troy until they both sort of peter out. Troy says that Christina's non-answer is all the answer he needs. Troy interviews that he's fired up and plans to fight harder now that he knows there is no team left. Yes, because Survivor has always been a game of teams. I think a team of three can win? Something like that.

The next morning, Troy goes to Chelsea and complains about how many useless people are left and how he deserves to stay longer than them. Do these people understand juries and how this game is played? Obviously not. Troy's argument should be about how he won't get any jury votes, because that might actually convince them to keep him around. Instead, his argument seems to be, "I have played this game really well and made friends, so take me to the finals, where the jury will vote for me, since I am more deserving."

Troy complains that the women want him to be happy that he's getting voted out now and he won't. Chelsea tells him that he should follows Jonas's example, since Jonas worked his ass off around camp and still got voted out, but "took it like a man." I'm annoyed by Chelsea's insistence that only men can take things well and that people who don't take things well are essentially women. I'm also annoyed by Chelsea's insistence that anyone who's not her or in her alliance needs to roll over and be steamrolled and not complain about it. That said, Troy's method is not the greatest either. Here's Troy's view on the world: he thinks that once women get food and shelter, they realize that they don't need men anymore and kick them out. Troy -- what did your mommy do to you, dude? Or your first wife? Some woman somewhere done him wrong and now he's going to punish all women everywhere for it. Starting tonight.

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