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Welp, that conflict is over now that Troy has expressed his fear of emasculation, so let's go get some Tree Mail! And they discover that the Reward Challenge is actually an auction! They each get $500. Troy interviews that he's not buying any food; he's saving all of his money for a clue or something to help him win immunity.

The tribe members report to the Auction location and take their seats in the bleachers. Probst reminds them that bidding is in increments of $20 (because it's not like Probst can make change) and they cannot pool their money or share items. The first item is three donuts and an iced coffee. Chelsea and Kim volley back and forth and Chelsea takes it for $160. The donuts are gigantic. Next up is chips, guacamole and a margarita. Alicia, Kat, and Sabrina all bid on it but Sabrina REALLY wants it and ends up paying $400.

Probst says that the next item is a protein boost: a protein shake and some bananas. Kat and Leif both bid, but Leif takes it for $100. The next item is probably the one that I would bid on forever: a shower with shampoo and a toothbrush and toothpaste. I can't imagine how good that would feel. I feel great just taking a shower in the morning, so what if I couldn't shower for 23 days and then got to take one? I think cartoon birds and butterflies would join me for a lark in the forest. Anyway, Alicia bids $20 and Kat gets confused and tries to bid $20, and then $23 and then before she can figure it out, Kim bids $40 and wins because everyone else wants food. Kat is still sitting there trying to figure out why her strategy didn't work. Kim hops right in and the auction continues without her.

The next item is a BLT and an iced tea. Kat has finally figured out how the auction works and wins with $180, then expresses surprise that there's bacon on a BLT. Oh Kat. So, so dumb. Next up: a giant bowl of peanut butter with chocolate pieces. Alicia bids $20 and then Kim bids $200 from the shower. Alicia almost lets it go, but then bids $220 and Kim bids $240 and wins. Alicia still has $500 left. What is she waiting for? She's complaining that she really wanted that, but letting it go? I don't get her strategy. She tells Probst that she didn't want to spend that much on peanut butter and Probst reminds her that it's not her money to start out with. Alicia still isn't bidding.

Probst wonders why Tarzan hasn't even thought about bidding and Tarzan says that he has to fix the shocks on his Jeep. Do they really get to take the leftover money home? That's dumb. Also, Tarzan is a plastic surgeon. I'm sure he can afford the $500 to get his stupid car fixed. I don't understand these people at all. The next item is a letter from home for each of the contestants. Alicia immediately bids $500 and wins and then bursts out crying. She reads the letter from her dad out loud through her tears. Just about everyone else starts crying too and Tarzan is particularly bummed out. Probst tells them that the price of a letter is $500 if anyone else wants in and Tarzan immediately gives up his car money. He refuses to share his letter, though. Troy is trying to hold back tears and he says that he feels completely alone and he knows he has to play this game on his own.

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