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The next item is an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Troy immediately bids $300. The women look around and Sabrina mentions that Christina hasn't spent any money yet. Christina bids $360. She and Troy go back and forth until Troy bids $420 and despite Kat's urgings and the stares of the other women, Christina doesn't outbid him. What? Why? I'm so confused. Why bid at all if she wasn't prepared to go to $500? And what is she saving her money for? I guess maybe she feels guilty about lying to Troy? He collects his advantage and slams his fist on the table and then explains to Probst that he's annoyed that everyone is colluding against him and using Christina as their "guinea pig." And also Troy is mad that no one cheered for him for winning. Wow, did his parents do a number on him or what? It's like, one second I'm on his side because it is annoying that the women are openly working against him and then the next second he's being a petulant child and I can't stand him.

Kat wants to keep bidding because she has money left. The next item is a covered dish with a note. Kat and Christina bid until Kat wins with $160. Seriously, what is Christina saving her money for? What better items does she think will come up? Anyway, Kat finds out that she won a strawberry cake and she gets to share it with the whole tribe. They only have sixty seconds to eat it. And they dig in. I notice that Troy wasn't so annoyed that he couldn't partake. And that ends the auction. Christina is a weirdo who is $500 richer, I guess.

Back at camp, everyone who won food is obviously busy either feeling sick or pooping because all that rich food after weeks of starvation is a mistake. Troy takes his clue outside of camp and reads it to the camera; it says that he will automatically advance to the second stage of the challenge so that instead of 1 in 9, his odds will be 1 in 4. He tells the camera that he's going to win the challenge and he has to, but he says "baby" a lot. What is happening to Troy? It's like he's having a personality transplant right in front of us. He seemed okay when he was in an alliance; now that he's on his own, he's becoming paranoid and angry. He thinks that the women are scared of his power now, but meanwhile they are back at camp doing laundry and not looking scared at all. I have to believe that if they were actually scared, the editors would have put in an interview of one of them stating that right here.

As part of his Fear 2012 Campaign, Troy has decided to openly look for an Immunity Idol as well. So he climbs trees and looks in holes and whatnot. Kim comes back to camp and reports what's happening and Chelsea points out that they don't even know if there is an idol left. Kim thinks they should all look, since their odds of finding it are greater with more people looking. Well, they would be except for Kat. And Alicia. And Leif. Can you see any of them finding an idol?

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