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Chelsea interviews that they were all disappointed when Christina let Troy win the note at auction and I get what she's saying, since none of them had enough money left to win it. But perhaps they should have anticipated that happening and come up with a strategy. I'm not sure why Christina had to sacrifice. Then again, Christina didn't spend ANY money at the auction, which still puzzles me. Chelsea also thinks that Troy has put a target on his back. I don't know that Troy had much choice, although he didn't have to be such a dick about it. Troy pretends to find an Idol as Kim watches. I don't know if she bought it or not. Also, Kim is the only one out there pretending to look for an Idol so I guess no one agreed with her strategy of everyone looking. Kat doesn't think that it's a big deal, since they have the numbers to just flush out an Idol again, although she notes that if he also wins the next Challenge, it will be "a two-bummer." I love that phrase. Kim interviews that Troy is really dangerous right now because he's smart and he feels cornered, a deadly combination. I still don't think the women are as scared as Troy thinks they are, though.

Day 27. Immunity Challenge! It consists of three rounds, all taken from previous challenges. In the first, all nine Survivors race to untangle their own knotted ropes, similar to the first DIY challenge. The first four to finish move on to the second round, where they will climb crates and bounce a coconut off a trampoline to break targets. That's from the challenge where Probst bullied Alicia for being terrible. The first two to knock out all their targets will use a slingshots at a wall of targets and try to get three in a row. That's from the first challenge that the women's tribe won. Troy's advantage is that he gets to skip the first round and move right on to the second round. So only three others will move on with him.

I love that Leif painted his face to look like a skull and Probst didn't even comment on it because it's so dumb and no one cares about Leif. The first round starts with some frantic de-knotting. Nearly everyone is close (except for Alicia and Leif, who suck), but Tarzan, Kim and Christina are the ones to move onto the second round with Troy. The onlookers basically cheer on anyone but Troy, but he is the first to finish and then he screams and yells and slaps the ground and his chest and says that it's his island. The onlookers are like, "Whatevs, dude. You are lame." Kim is close to becoming the second person to move on, but she misses and Tarzan makes it, so Tarzan moves on instead. The women all cheer so I guess Tarzan is in their alliance now? We don't really know where Leif and Tarzan stand in terms of alliance versus non-alliance, do we? I watched the weeks I didn't recap, but not that closely, so I'm not sure.

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