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Tarzan and Troy are the final round. I guess the women just don't want Troy to win Immunity since they think he may also have an Idol. The final round is the coconut slingshot thing. Both men get to a point where they only need one more target out to win and then Troy wins. He beats his chest and taunts the onlookers, telling them not to fuck with him. Kat (I think?) points out that all he's doing is losing potential jury votes if he does make it to the finals. Who knew Kat understood this game? Troy tells them that they're all scared of him. He can keep saying that, but it doesn't make it true. Then Troy gives a speech about how he's only been going at fifty percent and now he's turning it on. They all ignore him. Look, I get why he's upset and I understand being competitive, but he needs to take it down about ten notches because Kat's right. People won't forget this if he does make it to the finals. They might want to reward someone who fought and won, but not if that person was an ungracious winner.

Wait a minute. Before the challenge, they told me it was Day 27, but now they're saying its Day 26. Why are we going backwards? When they return to camp, Tarzan tells Troy that he likes him, but he needs to be a noble winner. Troy says he's competitive and that's his personality. Tarzan says they're friends and they can shake hands and still compete. The women don't comment. Troy interviews that his win has made the women paranoid because it's their worst-case scenario.

Kim and Chelsea have a talk about strategy. Chelsea says that they need to keep their strongest women so they have a chance of beating Troy in challenges. Chelsea also believes that Troy has an Idol, so she thinks their best bet is to vote out Leif. But then again, Leif is easy for them to beat in challenges, so maybe they should "make a move." She doesn't get specific about what that move would be, but it seems she's talking about potentially voting out a woman. Then Kim and Chelsea both agree that Troy will exploit any weakness in their alliance. If they voted out, say, Christina, Troy might be able to swing Alicia, Tarzan and Leif to his side by pointing out that they're next and then Chelsea, Kim, Kat and Sabrina are in trouble. They want to make it out like the women are still a united front.

Tarzan helps Leif wash his face paint off and they discuss how it's probably one of them going home tonight. Tarzan says the women might take out one of their own, but they aren't talking to him about their plans and he should have won Immunity so he didn't have to worry. Thanks, Captain Obvious. Troy says he's going to talk to Leif, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia and point out that this is their last chance to dethrone the women's alliance in general and Kim in particular while they have the numbers. Plus, they have to know they are on the bottom of the alliance, so this may be their last chance to make a move. It's a great strategy, but this show has proven time and time again that most people are unwilling to rock the boat, even when it's in their own self-interest.

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