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Troy lays out his strategy to Leif, who doesn't have much to say. Troy then discusses it with Tarzan, but we don't see his response either. He moves on to Christina next and asks why she would settle for being voted out sixth or seventh when she could move up to fifth or fourth or higher. And finally, he goes to Alicia, who says that she hears what he's saying and she'll think about it. She interviews that Troy could make a run of Immunity Challenges and she wants to be on his team if that happens. It's probably notable that they only showed Alicia's response, which wasn't exactly a firm agreement. It was more like, "Well, he does have a point, but I'm not quite on board yet."

They head to Tribal Council. Probst starts out by bringing up Troy's behavior post-win and Troy falls back on his "I'm really competitive and that's just how I roll" excuse. Chelsea wonders how he expects them to respond when he yelling that this is his fucking island and Sabrina adds that he said, "Fuck you!" Troy counters that he actually said, "Don't fuck with me." Jay, Jonas and Mike on the jury are delighted with this conversation. They're practically popping popcorn over there. Sabrina adds that Troy has turned into someone she doesn't recognize, and he has to be more likable. I think she means that he has to be more likable if he wants to get votes, but Troy interprets it as Sabrina telling him how to act and his response is a mature, "You're not my mother." He's like Dwight on The Office: "You can't fire me! I don't work in this VAN!" (One of my all-time favorite moments from that show, second only to (from the same episode), "Mailboxes Etc.") Sabrina continues to engage Troy, who accuses her of deceiving him and lying to Jay and then she falls back on the "Why are you yelling at me when I'm right here?" Their argument finally dies out and Probst lets it go without comment for once. I don't think either of them came off well in that exchange.

Probst asks Chelsea if she respects Troy for fighting to stay in the game. Chelsea admits that she's paranoid about "the old Manono" (Tarzan, Leif, Christina, Alicia) joining with Troy. Troy says that those four are definitely going next and he doesn't understand why they don't make a move so that they don't get voted out next. Chelsea tries to argue that Troy's plan only works if Troy wins every immunity challenge and he is beatable. I don't know if Chelsea doesn't understand his plan or if she's just being purposely obtuse to confuse potential voters. Because if that group votes out Kim tonight, they will have a five to three advantage next week. Even if one of that minority wins immunity, they could still pick them off one-by-one for a few weeks. I don't know what Chelsea is going on about, honestly. Troy points that out.

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