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Kim says that the problem with this argument is that everyone is making a lot of assumptions about position in alliances and she denies that Christina and Alicia are on the bottom of their alliance. Come on. They obviously are. Really, you're going to vote out Kat before Christina? Girl, please. Probst wants Christina to lay out her thought process, but Christina's answer doesn't reveal much and Probst doesn't follow up. Probst asks Alicia what happens if someone flips and Alicia says that the girls would be screwed and she doesn't know who to trust or when is the best time to make a move. I would say now. Now is the best time to make a move. Aaaand it's time to vote.

As Probst reads the votes, it shakes out to three votes for Tarzan, three votes for Leif and two votes for Kim with one vote left. The final vote goes to Leif, so he is sent packing. I am so confused by this vote. I understand that the editors don't want to telegraph the result, but I have no idea why the women voted they way they did. Watching the voting, it turns out that Christina, Alicia and Kim voted for Tarzan while Troy and Leif voted for Kim and Sabrina, Kat, Chelsea and Tarzan voted for Leif. So did the women decide to split their votes between Tarzan and Leif in case Troy gave one of them the Idol? That's the only thing I can come up with. Also, Tarzan considers himself part of the women's alliance, at least for voting purposes.

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