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April Fool

The Heroes celebrate their victory with a picnic. They toast to how awesome they think they are but before they can dig in, Candice finds a small scroll on the table and stupidly says "what's this?" out loud. Duh, Candice. What do you think it is? You don't deserve a hidden immunity idol if you're going to call it out like that. Even after she unrolls it in front of everyone, they all ignore her until she announces that she has a clue to another immunity idol. The Heroes act like they're SHOCKED that this could happen and agree as a group to eat now and look at the clue later. Rupert complains in an interview about how everyone was having fun and their heads were out of the game until the immunity idol clue came into play. Well, I'm sorry you signed up to play Survivor and not Fun Picnic Hour, Rupert. Amanda eats two bites before she can't resist and grabs for the clue. Her tribe orders her to read it out loud, which is a good move on their part because if Rupert tries to read it, they'll be there for like three days. The clue tells them to dig around a tree near a bridge. J.T. decides that they should team up to find the idol so they can play it as a tribe when they merge with the Villains. That's a great idea, except that there's no guarantee (far from it, actually) that they'll win every immunity challenge before the merge. But since J.T. probably doesn't need the idol like Candice or Colby, he's smart to try to keep it under his control so it can't be used against him or his alliance. Colby doesn't see this, however, and interviews that it's really cool how his tribe is going to use the idol as a group.

Over at the Villains camp, Douche looks solemn as Jerri talks to Li'l Russell about what her choices are in the game at this point. He stands around awkwardly until they call him over, thinking he's being all slick about listening in on their conversation without them realizing it, and Li'l Russell swears that he wants to take Jerri and Li'l Russell to the Final Three, from the bottom of his heart and everything! So genuine. With his typical complete lack of self-awareness, Douche interviews about how some people on his tribe are really gullible and will believe anything Li'l Russell tells them. He thinks Jerri is one of those people. Jerri tells him that she has "made [her] decision" and hopes that Douche will agree with it because she won't feel comfortable going over to Li'l Russell's side without him. Um, shouldn't she be having this conversation where Li'l Russell can't hear her? Does she really think it's a good idea for a possible future ally to know that she doesn't fully trust him, and probably never will over Douche? If he actually did want to take her to the Final Three before, I can't imagine that he feels the same way now. Douche interviews that he doesn't know what to do, since he's "honor-bound" to play this game with Jerri and Rob, but now Jerri wants to switch to Li'l Russell's side so he'll have to break his alliance with one of them. He blames Jerri for causing this and not himself for making stupid promises to people that he can't keep.

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