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April Fool

And now that Douche has effectively given himself no choice but to break his word to Rob or Li'l Russell, he gets all sad and whiny, saying that he doesn't want to win this game "at all costs." Seemingly on the verge of tears, he says that he doesn't want Rob to go home and doesn't think he deserves to go home, either. But now he has to vote for him because he promised Li'l Russell he would and I guess he forgot about how he promised Rob he would vote for Li'l Russell? He blames Jerri for being "gullible" and willing to go along with whatever Li'l Russell says while at the same time saying that he made that promise to Li'l Russell because he "crammed it down our throats," which sounds to me like he's saying that he was willing to go along with whatever Li'l Russell said. Anyway, Douche is very conflicted. And I'm sorry, but when your future in the game hinges on Douche, then you're not all that great of a player after all, Rob and Li'l Russell.

Rob talks to Jerri. He seems pretty sure that she's switching allegiances and that her new alliance is gunning for him. I'm not sure if he's being sincere or trying to win her over by telling her that no matter what she does, it's okay because this is a game and she's just trying to further herself in it, as is everyone else. "Do what you think is best for you. I don't even see it as that much of a choice," he says, although we aren't told which choice he's referring to. Jerri says that as much as she wants to trust Rob, she can't. Rob says she can in this instance because he's out of options. That doesn't mean she can trust him if and when he's back in a power position, though. Also, how the hell did this happen? How did Li'l Russell go from an alliance of two (plus one invisible person) to this? "You're smart, Jerri. You figure it out. You know what to do," Rob says. If he's trying to make a case for himself here, that was kind of weak. He doesn't even sound like he cares anymore. Is he that resigned to losing, that sure of winning, or did he just figure that no matter what happens, the producers will find a way to get Li'l Russell through? Jerri and Douche talk in the tent. "I feel like I've aged five years in one day," Jerri sighs. Don't set me up like that, Jerri. Come on. Douche says that he doesn't want to lose Rob and the tribe needs him for challenges. "I'm not a good villain," Jerri sighs. Ugh, remember when she used to embrace her evil side? Like last week? I don't like this new Jerri.

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