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James and J-R talk, and J-R insists that Peih-Gee has to go before Jaime. James tries to tell J-R that this isn't the time to start getting cute and stupid, but J-R insists that no matter what anybody else does, he's voting for Peih-Gee. In an interview, James insists that Fei Long has been determined to vote off Jaime for "a month," which is interesting, since that's half again as long as they've even been here. It's too bad Jaime didn't come up with that, or something like it, because they would have thrown a graphic in the corner that said "Day 20," and they'd have played some "wonk-wonk!" sound, and we'd all have had a good laugh at her expense, because apparently, James does not count days so well. James goes on to say that it will be a problem if J-R doesn't vote against Jaime, and then Courtney's "dumb ass" decides to vote against J-R just to be "hateful." Wait, she has a mind of her own and she's hateful? Does she need a job? Because we might have one for her.

Tribal council. Jeff opens by asking Amanda how the merge has affected things, game-wise. Amanda says that it's "nice" to be with the other tribe, which is empty, as this sort of thing usually is. Jeff asks Peih-Gee how she feels about that, and Peih-Gee is like, "Hey, dumb-ass, obviously it's easy for her to say it's fun when her team has more people." Jeff proclaims J-R "a student of people," which: wow, apparently, Jeff Probst has really low standards for scholarship. A poker player is not automatically a "student of people," based on poker players I've known. A student of cigarettes, usually, and in many cases, a student of probability. Sometimes a student of people, and sometimes just good at cards. It's weird to me that Jeff finds J-R's ass so endlessly kissable, because I so do not. J-R chooses this moment to announce that, of all things, Courtney is a huge threat, because no one will perceive her as a threat, so she'll hang around until F3. Courtney calls him on this immediately, pointing out that it's rather absurdly transparent for J-R -- who received votes at the last tribal council and is on the record as hating Courtney -- to try to deflect votes from himself by suggesting that Courtney -- who can barely stand up -- is a big threat. He denies that this is what he was doing, saying that he was saying she's not a threat and therefore might win, utterly idiotic, since a goldfish in a bowl wearing a blindfold and listening to an iPod would be able to tell that Courtney is right about what he's doing. James follows this up with a long speech about how he wishes J-R would just shut up occasionally instead of talking all the time. Oh, fantasies.

Jeff asks Peih-Gee whether she tried to find "cracks" in the Fei Long group, and she says that she obviously knew about some already (read, I suspect, "Courtney versus Jean-Robert"). Asked the same thing -- how to break in when there's a group bigger than yours -- Jaime says all you can do is try to find out whether there's someone people dislike enough to vote the person off.

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