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This whole thing just seems so phony-baloney and so obviously cooked up out of some weird sense of what Jeff Probst thinks is "compelling" or something. Did you see where Probst recently said (in that same Times piece) that he thought that Fiji kind of sucked, because there weren't compelling people left at the end? That being...the season with Earl and Yau-Man? I mean...Earl and Yau-Man weren't the compelling people Jeff wished had been left at the end? Who was supposed to be there at the end? The jerks whose asses Jeff kissed all season, like Alex and Rocky? Rocky, who Jeff was so preposterously convinced was only trying to "help" Anthony by coming within a breath of hurling real live homophobic slurs at him?

See, this is why I don't really believe it when contestants bitch that they were misrepresented by editing. I feel like if you actually watch the show, you can always see it as plain as day when they're pushing something that simply doesn't hold up as a story, and this is like that for me. They're trying to make it into "comeuppance," because Jaime is the one that the fake idol business happened to happen to, so they sort of have to hit her with this. It's only funny if she sucks, so they're making it like she sucks. But except for Scout, who apparently hates Jaime's guts for being blonde and having dared to make a move against Wonderful James The Gentle, Big-Hearted, Soft-Spoken Giant (a purely fictional character I am not buying at all, given the proliferation of "swinging dick" and "skinny bitch" references), I don't see what Jaime's comeuppance is for.

In the end, I guess it makes me wonder why they thought I would find it satisfying comeuppance. I mean...I would hope it goes without saying that I don't hate pretty young women for being young and pretty. Women who are pretty and young aren't the moral equivalent of men who are bullies just because they share the characteristic of having been the people who always seemed to be in charge in people's nightmarish memories of high school. This feels...petty to me, and more than the show being petty, it feels like the show thinks I'm petty, like they think it's automatically fun to put the screws to a pretty girl, just like it's fun to put the screws to a guy who's an asshole. But I don't see how she was a "bubblehead." At worst, I saw her take her shot. It was a long shot, and I think she knew in her heart that it was once she gave it some thought, even if she tried to be hopeful. I'm not sure what about throwing a Hail Mary pass makes you stupid, if it's the only move you have left. Overly optimistic, maybe a little. "Bubblehead"? Somehow, I think that characterization has a hell of a lot more to do with her age and appearance than it has to do with anything she did. I don't really think Jaime has anything to be embarrassed about, but I kind of think Scout does.

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