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Later, the merged tribe returns to camp, still on Day 20. Zhan Hu inspects the Fei Long shelter as J-R stretches out all over it, sure to stress that he can still lie around wherever he wants, likely with his grody paws all over his new tribemates, as well. Welcome, Jaime! J-R also voices over that for him as well, it's just old Zhan Hu versus old Fei Long, so the members of Zhan Hu are going either way. He also says that he doesn't anticipate any more votes against him at tribal council for a while.

The tribe brainstorms names, and after rejecting "Angry Monkey" (no kidding), they start talking about something having to do with the black buffs, and J-R hilariously notes that if they do anything with "black" in it, James will make them change the name. Hilarious! Frosti laughs and notes that he and Peih-Gee were on the yellow team. This discussion is so uncomfortable and fraught with peril, despite the fact that they're all laughing, that I was very eager for it to be over before anybody managed to put a big old foot in a mouth. Ultimately, they settle on, if you can believe it, Black Fighting Wind (in Chinese). Yes, that's right -- Black Fighting Wind. Sounds like karate and farting, and don't say you weren't thinking it, because I know you were. Peih-Gee notes here that there are six original Fei Long to four original Zhan Hu, and that's kind of the way she apparently sees the natural alliances as well. She adds that if she can get James and Frosti to go with her on the first couple of votes, she'll be in a good position, and if she can't, then...not so much.

In one of my favorite scenes of the episode, Jeff Probst pulls up in a boat, and as he disembarks, the contestants are all sort of looking over, not sure who it is, and don't really recognize him, because he's so...nondescript. Really, if he weren't Jeff Probst of Survivor, he'd be in the JC Penney circular. Surprise Dad This Father's Day! So Jeff, dissatisfied, actually starts demanding that they pay more attention to him, which is so...pathetic, really, and the contestants don't really do it anyway. There's a smattering of extremely weak applause, sort of, but everybody's just mostly like, "Oh, Jeff. He is a person I recognize and neither like nor dislike." He announces that he's brought something for them, and Denise awesomely asks, "Is it cookies?" Hee. Jeff assures her that it's not. What he has brought is the individual immunity necklace, because it's time for the challenge. As you probably guessed, the challenge is a memory test where they're going to be asked about details of the ceremony that they watched earlier. See, because the game never stops, you dig? You'll never get anywhere in this game if you don't listen to Jeff!

The contestants are all seated in a clearing. Jeff reminds them of his wise words from earlier, and then he explains the challenge. Frosti immediately declares that he's totally screwed, because he has a terrible memory. Jeff says that this is single-elimination, so for any wrong answer, you're bounced. Jeff asks whether anyone paid attention to details at the feast, and nobody did. That's kind of disappointing. It wasn't that hard, actually, to figure out what the deal was, so you'd think maybe at least one person would have caught on. (Not Jaime, dumb as a clothespin!)

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