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The short version of this challenge is that it comes down to Jaime and Bad Memory Frosti. Wait, Jaime is one of the last two? But she's dumber than a jar of ski wax! Frosti takes the victory and the first individual immunity, in recognition of which he treats us to a little Frosti booty dance. I am always in favor of a booty dance. Frosti is intriguingly attractive, in an only partially obvious way. I think I would even overlook the fact that his name is Frosti.

So later, we are at Hae Da Fung (that's how the show is spelling it; whether that's the way it should be spelled is under discussion over in the forums if you want to poke that particular hornet's nest with the broomstick of your knowledge of Chinese), where Peih-Gee and James are sitting by the fire. She voices over that she knows that it's probably going to be her, Jaime, or Erik, since Frosti has immunity. She wants to know whether they have James's vote, and she's just not sure, even though he answers yes when she asks if they're "still cool." She says that, after this vote, it will be clear where everyone's loyalties are. I'd say that were true, if I didn't already think I knew where everyone's loyalties are.

James is not on Zhan Hu's side, judging by the discussion in which he joyfully tells Todd about the false idol he thinks somebody on the other side has. James also runs to Amanda with the story. Amanda interviews that the reason for targeting Jaime is that they believe her to be a "silent leader" of the other tribe. She thinks Peih-Gee is "devious," but not as threatening, because she's more obvious. Or something. Amanda does tell James, though, that she's concerned about what Courtney is going to do, because -- horrors! -- she has "a mind of her own." I hate it when people have those. I find it much more difficult to boss them around. don't think that's what she means, do you?

James says he thinks that Courtney might flip, referring to her as "that little skinny bitch," which just adds to his collection of un-lovely remarks directed at women in this episode. He rather idiotically goes on to say that Courtney should be smarter, because she's from New York. Dude...I think that is the worst argument I've ever heard, and I've argued with reality-show contestants in person before. If people in New York were uniformly as crafty as all that, we'd have figured out how to get rid of unwanted items with a system slightly more sophisticated than "leave on sidewalk; run." James goes on to declare in an interview that Courtney "falls in love with any swinging Dick [dick?] or Harry that floats along and smiles at her." I don't really know what that comment is supposed to mean, but I'd strongly caution James about referring to women he barely knows "falling in love with any swinging dick" that comes by, because somebody's boyfriend is going to knock out a couple of his teeth, and rightly so. No matter how big you are, you're vulnerable to a cockpunch, because...that's kind of gross, in the sense of being vulgar, and I really wish we could get through just one conversation with this guy in which he expresses frustration with a woman without the sexist bullshit. There are several reasons to dislike Courtney, but the only person this discussion reflects upon poorly is James.

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