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As the symbolic snake slides through some trees, Parvati continues looking for punishment, this time from Amanda. Unlike James, Amanda doesn't have any pesky pride clouding her judgment, so her reaction is much different. This may also have something to do with the fact that she knows she's safe as long as there are guys to vote out. Parvati assures her that she isn't "out of the loop" despite not knowing about Ozzy last night, and that the plan is a Final Five of all women. Amanda says that while she's really angry at Parvati, she can't show it, as Parvati is now "running the show." Amanda thinks Parvati has everyone wrapped around her finger, which is nonsense. For it is Cirie who truly has everyone wrapped around her little finger, and the fact that Amanda doesn't even know this is just further proof of her DOMINANCE. Cirie walks up to the girls to apologize to Amanda, and Amanda says she understands why they didn't tell her but is upset that they don't trust her. Cirie assures her that they do, but when it comes to Ozzy, there were special circumstances. With that, Cirie and Amanda hug and Cirie says she felt so bad for Amanda when Ozzy left. I guess that was her Sympathy Smirk we saw. Amanda tells is that she's taking what the girls tell her with a Micronesian money stone-sized grain of salt.

With that, we go to the reward challenge, which is the auction. The players take their seats and are very excited. They each get a wallet with five hundred dollars in it they can use to bid on items. Probst warns them that they are not allowed to combine money or share prizes, except that this will happen like three times in the next five minutes. The first item is a covered dish, and Erik, Parvati, and Cirie place their bids until Cirie wins it for $120. Cirie is always DOMINANT, even in auctions. She hands Probst the money and tries to make a break for it, but he insists on counting the money before handing over the food. Good thing, too, as she totally tried to short-change him! Ha ha ha! I do love her. The rest of the cast responds with appropriate "OH!!!"s and "no she di'nt!"s as Cirie gives Probst the sixth $20 bill she claims she "forgot" about. She takes her prize: a hot dog dinner with French fries and all the fixings! Cirie is thrilled and digs in with great relish ["Ha! Relish! Oh, Sara M..." -- Joe R] while Jason looks on and pronounces the weiner "a fat one."

The next item up for bid is again a mystery. Alexis looks hungry, so hopefully she won't, like, lose control of her body and fall backwards off the bleachers like the last time she was in a reward challenge involving food. She and Erik face off in a bidding war, which Erik wins with an $80 bid. He jumps up to give Probst the money, but Probst tells him to "hang tight." Poor Erik is confused, but Probst explains, as he pulls out an even bigger tray that is also covered, that he can either keep what he won or exchange it for this second mystery dish. There's not much strategy involved here when both plates are covered. Erik decides to exchange it, and Probst shows him what he didn't win first: a jar of octopus. Erik is jumping up and down at this point, figuring that the other plate must be something amazing. It would be funny if it was two jars of octopus, but no, it's a huge plate of nachos. Erik scampers back to his seat with his prize.

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