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Dabu returns to the beach, where Parvati says Jason is the luckiest person in the game right now. Natalie says she was stalling so someone would "help" her choose who to send to Exile, but no help was forthcoming so she had to make the choice all by herself. And the choice she made was, like, the worst one possible. Way to go, Nat! "If he gets that idol, I'm going to lose it!" Natalie says. Cirie says there's no need to worry unless Jason is good at figuring things out, which he definitely doesn't seem to be...except that he did find the idol's hiding spot last time. "The little bitch now has two days of sunshine with the immunity idol," Natalie says. Whoa, Natalie. "Guaranteed, hands down, the bitch'll find it. And that bitch being Jason," she says. I guess she really did "lose it" after all -- where's all this anger at Jason coming from, unless it's really anger at herself for basically handing him the idol? Alexis suggests that they search Jason's bag as soon as he comes back to see if the idol's there, that allowed? If so, why don't the contestants just do that all the time? Like, James is mad at Parvati, so he can go through her bag and destroy all of her clothes. Then she won't have any clothes to wear and be cold and lose immunity challenges. Amanda helpfully supplies that Jason is "such a threat" in the challenges, all the better to get Jason voted out and not her or James with.

Over at Exile Island, Jason has to find the idol. He gets started on his quest as he tells us that he figures if he could find the immunity idol location the last time, he can do it this time as well. Sure enough, he seems to find the second clue easily as he tells us that the game has thrown him many curve balls, but since stepping down from the immunity challenge all of one day ago, things seemed to have really changed for him. Yes -- now instead of them all suspecting you're naïve, stupid, and easily fooled, they KNOW it. Jason finds the third clue and says that after having time to think about it, he realizes that Natalie chose him to go to Exile for a reason -- she wanted him to get the idol. He thinks they're going to work together to use the idol. WHY does Jason think that the hidden immunity idol is a group activity? Jason concludes that he can trust Natalie, since she was one of the people who didn't vote for him last night and since it's in "her best interest" to have him on her team. How, exactly? She has a five-girl alliance. Not only is he a physical threat, but they all hate him and have the numbers without him. Oh, why do I even bother? I can't even be mad about it, because Jason is that stupid. It is now sad and pitiful. And with that, he finds the idol. And now that he sees what a real idol looks like, he feels really dumb believing Ozzy's stick was an idol. How can he understand things like that and be able to follow clues, and yet, have no concept of effective strategy and the fact that people in this game will lie to you? Jason says Natalie sent him here to get this idol and it feels good to finally be on a successful team. "I feel the most comfortable I've felt in the entire game," Jason says. See you later!

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