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We cut to shots of a spider catching bugs in its web, probably by telling the bugs that the web is not sticky and that they should trust her. And the stupidest of all the bugs believes the spider and thinks about how awesome it is to be on a winning spider-bug team. Then he's eaten alive. Sure enough, back at Dabu, the ladies are plotting against Jason. Cirie says they should assume he has the idol and will play it at tribal council, which means they'll have to make sure they split their votes the right way so that if Jason plays the idol, James is one who goes home and not one of them. They are determined that Jason not win immunity tomorrow, and Amanda suggests somehow convincing him to throw the challenge. If it were anyone else, I'd say, "Good luck with that, over-confident morons." But this is Jason, so I say, "I have all the faith in the world that they will be successful in this venture." Cirie says that Jason trusts Natalie more than anyone else, so she'll have to be the one to do the convincing. Natalie tells us that they're going to gain Jason's trust so that he won't play the idol and then they'll vote him out, blindsiding him just like they did Ozzy. Furthermore, she's hoping they can convince Jason to throw the challenge, thereby ensuring that he won't get the immunity necklace. Then, the worst case scenario at tribal council will be that he plays the idol and stays in the game, but at least the idol will be gone, as will one of the other guys. Best case scenario is Jason doesn't play the idol and both he and it are out of the game. Natalie says this will be brilliant and assures us that she doesn't like Jason at all. She's so confident about it that I'm hoping it blows up in her face.

James and Erik get the treemail, which says that for this immunity challenge, they'll have to learn from the past. Well, there's no way Jason's winning this one, as it involves learning. He's so bad at learning from the past that he'll probably trip over a stick during the challenge and lose time picking it up and hiding it in his bag, sure that it's a hidden immunity idol. Erik says that if Jason wins today, it will be either Erik or James going home tonight, and Erik's hoping it won't be him since today is his twenty-second birthday. Erik, who wears tiny running shorts from either the women's section of Sports Authority or the year 1985 and has the same hairstyle as my female second grade teacher, says he'll need to "get ferocious" today.

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