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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

And we open with the previously on segment that tells us how awesome Kota is and has been all season, which I can't really argue with anymore. It was one-sided and unfair in the beginning, but now that we've had five episodes for Fang to prove themselves and they've gone from bad to worse, it's pretty accurate. Except that I wouldn't say Kota is such as great tribe so much as Fang just can't get it together. Nor would I agree that "the entire [Kota] tribe was united," especially when Probst follows that up with an "except Dan and Susie." Dan and Susie make up almost 30% of the tribe. That's not an insignificant minority. Also, it presumes that Susie has an opinion one way or the other. Probst does have the grace not to say anything nasty about Kelly when he says she was voted off last week.

A praying mantis brings us into Fang, where Ken and Matty are preparing to make another bowl of rice. Matty complains that there's nothing to eat as he grabs a handful of rice from the side of the pot. I see one grain of rice fall out of his hand and onto the ground, uneaten. WASTEFUL. Matty says he's hopeless about his tribe. And with that, Crystal knocks over the box of what little rice they have left. Her "oh shit!" face is amazing. I didn't think anyone not in a cartoon made the surprised face like that, with the eyes bugging out and the mouth in a perfect little "o." She quickly sets about scooping it up and putting it back in the box while Matty makes a face. He's pissed, he tells us. Crystal just dumped the most important thing Fang has all over the ground. Except that she didn't do it on purpose and she should be able to save most of it. People make mistakes. "I wanted to just lay into her and chew her out," Matty says as he and Ace look at each other and nod. "You can't cry over spilled milk," Matty then tells us, except that that's exactly what he's doing and rice, unlike milk, can be picked up and put back with no harm done. Ken makes a pot of rice and everyone digs in except Crystal. She's decided that to make up for the rice she spilled, she won't eat. "Crystal, eat," Ace says. "Ace, you eat," Crystal says. Be careful, Crystal! The last time you ordered someone to eat rice, he threw a hissy fit and quit! I think Crystal's doing the right thing here, by the way. If you spill the rice, you must pay the price! And she has, so the matter should now be closed. But Ken uses this non-confrontation as an example of how Fang can't work together. He tells us that Ace and Matty seem to be teaming up like Double Dragon's Billy and Jimmy Lee, and he doesn't like that one bit. Meanwhile, Ace tells us that by knocking the rice over, Crystal has done him a favor and made herself the next "lamb to the slaughter." I don't know about you, Ace, but Crystal doesn't look like a lamb to me.

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