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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

After the commercial, we go back in time to Kamp Kota, where after a shot of symbolic ants, Dan asks Marcus if he's going home tonight. Marcus says everyone is voting for Susie as far as he knows. Dan says Susie is the best person to vote out tonight, since Dan is strong and athletic and they'll need him for challenges if there isn't a merge. Dan tells us that he knows that Kota might want to get him out tonight because he's so strong. With that, we see a grub being attacked by more ants. It then spits out some kind of goo. I don't know what that goo is or which end of the grub's body it came out of, and it doesn't really matter. That was fucking gross.

Meanwhile, Bob is in the hut looking really dead. While Susie wanders around aimlessly, Randy, Corinne, Charlie, and Marcus are on the dock. Randy is somehow winning them all over with his non-existent charms, saying he's going to put his trust in them. They agree to tell Bob that he's in the Final Four with Marcus, Charlie, and Corinne until they get to the last five, when they'll all vote Bob out and then Randy will take his place in the Kota Four. And while I do hate Randy, that's probably the best move for the other three. Bob would win any and all final Tribal Councils, while Randy would be hard-pressed to beat even Amanda, the ultimate Final TC loser. Marcus tells us that Randy has taken Bob's place in their group, and he seems to trust that Randy will stick with them until the end. As for tonight's vote, Marcus thinks Dan is a "bumbling idiot" and he doesn't want that around camp anymore. Randy argues for voting Susie out, saying she's the most likely to "jump ship" in the event of a merge. Randy doesn't want Bob to go just yet, since he's loyal and trustworthy, if "annoying."

Charlie tells us that Dan is "super-vulnerable" tonight. So vulnerable, in fact, that his only chance is if Susie does something crazy. After a shot of symbolic ants scrambling around, Corinne and Susie have a chat. Corinne says that she likes Susie and doesn't want her to go home, so she won't be voting for her tonight. She says she's pretty sure Dan's going home, and that's because they think Susie is more loyal than he is. Susie says that as long as they keep her in the loop, she'll stick with them. And then she says that she was planning on putting Corinne's name down tonight because Corinne does the least around camp and Susie needs help from as many people as possible and thus wants to keep them around. WOW. Susie basically just said that she's the weakest person there, and that Corinne is the second-weakest, which is why Susie was going to vote for her. That is a failure of EPIC PROPORTIONS on Susie's part.

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