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It doesn't get past Corinne, who remains friendly while talking to Susie and then tells us that Susie is a moron. "I hate her. I hate her, hate her, hate her! Like, I really want to stab her in the face," Corinne says. Whaaa? Shades of last season's Natalie and her sudden transformation into a violence-threatening crazy lady! Stab her in the face? Because she was thinking of voting you out? You HATE her? Chill the hell out, Corinne.

Corinne runs off to tell Randy about Susie's face-stab-worthy comment, misrepresenting the conversation to say that Susie told her she was going to vote for her tonight. That's not exactly what Susie said. She said she was "going" to vote for Corinne when she didn't know what was going on, but now that someone told her what was up, she won't. Randy takes this opportunity to say that it shows that Susie is crazy. "She's the worst kind of nuts because you don't see it coming," Corinne says. Yes, saying you're going to vote for someone in a game about voting for people = crazy, but threatening to stab someone in the face for saying she's going to vote for you in a game about voting for people = hallmark of sanity. I get it. "I want her gone yesterday," Corinne says. Randy smiles. He tells us that Susie has no game, and that makes her dangerous and unpredictable. Both Corinne and Randy agree that Susie is going tonight, but then Corinne remembers that Dan went to Exile "Island" once and could have the idol. Randy says he doesn't know if Dan has the idol or not. He must have a pretty good idea that Dan doesn't have it, based on him emptying out his bag at Tribal Council, but he doesn't say. Randy tells us that Susie needs to go home because she's "annoying," even though he just said that he wanted Bob to stay despite him being annoying. Then again, who isn't annoying to Randy?

Corinne calls a meeting of the Onion Alliance to discuss this turn of events. Corinne says that they all thought that Susie was cool and could be trusted, but now Corinne realizes that she is actually "loco en la cabeza." Where is the Survivor translation team for that? Marcus takes the lead, as usual, saying that no matter who they vote off tonight, there will be risks. He thinks they should vote Susie out tonight just in case Dan has the idol and uses it and it bounces back on one of them. Marcus tells us that the decision on who to vote out tonight is now based on who is the least risky to keep around.

Kota arrives at Tribal Council, and Probst goes right into things without saying hello or remarking on how few times Kota has been here so far because they're so awesome. He talks to Marcus first, of course, and asks him if tonight's vote is about keeping the tribe strong or looking out for yourself in preparation of the merge. Marcus says that "we" are basing tonight's vote on what "we" think is to come in the next few days, and "we" have to surround "ourselves" with powerful people in order to survive the "onslaught" from Fang. How could he have said any of that with a straight face? An "onslaught" from Fang? Really? And what's with the royal "we" he keeps throwing around? Speak for yourself and yourself alone, Marcus. Only overconfident douches go around assuming they know what everyone else is thinking and doing. For example, Ace.

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