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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

Kota enjoys their helicopter ride and the view of the African plains and an "incredible crater," as Bob describes it. He says the only thing beating faster than the helicopter rotor was his heart. Uh oh. Does Gabon have a hospital with a cardiac care unit? Bob is old and fragile-looking, if not fragile-acting. I worry about him. The helicopter lands on a flat stretch of land overlooking the crater, and Marcus immediately steps at the very edge and makes everyone nervous. Susie gets a chance to speak and tells us it was amazing scenery and something she never thought she'd get to experience. And when we see it in a wide shot, it really is amazing.

And then we go over to Fang. Matty is truly negative and through with Fang this week, and says he has never been so embarrassed in his life as he was today. Because he lost a game? I can think of things that are much more embarrassing than that, but then again, I'm not a jock who expects to dominate every sport I've ever tried. Even so, I still don't see how losing is more embarrassing than, say, shitting your pants in public. Matty sets in with talking shit about Sugar, saying when he looked over at her during the challenge, she wasn't even trying to get Kota's ball. "As long as there's physical challenges, we're gonna lose," Matty says. Well, as long as there are physical challenges that require the person competing to be tall and strong for the best chance of winning and you put Sugar in over Crystal, then yes, you will. Ace listens, but doesn't bother to defend Sugar. And then Matty asks him to join him on a boat ride, not even trying to hide his alliance anymore.

Sure enough, Matty's talking strategy on the boat. He wants Sugar gone, and tells Ace that if he, Crystal, and Ken vote for her then Ace won't have to stab her in the back, as if Ace cares about that. Poor Matty is assuming that Ace made a promise to Sugar not to vote her out and that sticking to that promise is important to him, because that kind of a promise is important to Matty. That's why Matty sucks at this game. Matty says with Sugar gone, he and Ace will make it to the merge easily. Ace still doesn't want to vote for Sugar, so Matty says that if Ace wants an alliance with him, he needs to do something to show Matty he can trust him. How is voting out your closest ally a sign of trustworthiness, exactly? Matty says they have to either get rid of Sugar or her idol. "But we have the idol in her pocket," Ace says, always obsessed with pockets and things being in them. Also, he clearly doesn't understand the rules of the idol. Sugar having it does not necessarily mean that you have it, and even if she did give it to you, you can only use it once. And only one person can use it. "Don't you see the logic of that?" Ace asks. "Yeah, I see that logic," Matty says. What logic? There is no logic. That boat is a logic-free zone, and has been ever since Matty and Ace used it to get up close and personal with a wild elephant. Sure enough, Matty does a complete 180 and suddenly, he's all about keeping Sugar and voting Crystal out next. You know, if Ace wasn't so overly confident, he'd say he was all for Matty's plan to vote Sugar out and then tell Sugar about it, have her use the idol, and then he and Sugar would basically choose who to vote out next. And Matty wouldn't hold it against him since he told Ace not to vote for Sugar in the first place.

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