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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Sugar is eating fruit in the Sugar Shack. She giggles that she doesn't even know what's going on in this game, since she's never really playing it. Fortunately, Ace keeps her informed. On the other hand, Sugar says, she's pretty sure she and Ace are using each other, and while the rest of Fang might think she's naïve and stupid, she's sticking with Ace because she thinks he's the strongest player in the game right now. Well, color me surprised. I didn't think she'd put any thought into it in the first place. There's hope for her yet!

And now, suddenly, it's time for the Immunity Challenge. There are two platforms on a lake. One is for Probst to stand on and judge, and the other has a big log on it that will be today's competition. The tribes enter and Sugar returns to her tribe. Crystal and Ken make sure to give her a warm hello, with Crystal looking friendlier than I've ever seen her. Probst takes back the immunity idol before announcing that tonight, both tribes will be sending someone home. Everyone is shocked, and Kota is especially annoyed. Probst says the good news is that the winner of this competition gets individual immunity, which comes in the form of a huge ugly necklace that looks like it could rip a hole in the wearer's throat with one wrong move. Probst explains that the challenge is a good old-fashioned log roll, and each player will be matched up against another contestant, and not necessarily one from the other tribe. How interesting, then, that the log is painted with Fang colors on one side and Kota on the other. Could it be that this only became an individual immunity challenge once the producers saw that Fang was losing all the challenges and so they'd have to find a way to force Kota to go to Tribal Council? Hmmm.

Dan tells us that he senses that he could be in danger of being voted out tonight, so he wants to win this challenge; "and not just win by a little. Win by a lot." Okay, first of all, it's a log roll. You can't really win it by "a lot." And second of all, I'm pretty sure they pulled that quote from an earlier episode. Probst says that if that's not enough twists, there's one more thing, but they won't find out what that is until after the challenge.

After a cheesy ("Cheese!" -- Dan) through-the-immunity-necklace wipe, we head into the first round: Dan vs. Ace. By the way, Ace has got some lame ankle tattoos. They look like something I drew when I had to decorate my 6th grade pyramid project in social studies class. Dan goes into the water pretty quickly, much to his and Crystal's disappointment.

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