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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

And now it's time for the final round. Marcus, Ace, and Sugar will all be on the log at the same time. They randomly draw for positions, and Ace gets the bitch position in the middle, which is bad for him since it means he'll have to turn his back to one opponent and not be able to see his feet. Ace tells us that he knows a win here would be very important. Duh. The challenge begins. "Good footwork by all three," Probst says, temporarily forgetting that two of those three are on the hated Fang tribe. Sugar is the first to fall into the water, leaving Ace with his back to Marcus, which is a clear disadvantage. From the sidelines, Crystal silently prays for Ace to lose this thing. And then, he does. Ace and Marcus fall off, but Ace hits the water first, giving Marcus yet another individual immunity win. No one is happier than Crystal.

And now it's time for the twist: Marcus gets to award individual immunity to someone from the other tribe. Crystal pretty much begs for the necklace, which means there's no way she's getting it. Marcus gives the necklace to Sugar, which is kind of nice. They pick her to go to Exile every week, so why not pick her for something good, too? Plus he's probably figuring it'll mess up Fang's plans to vote her out tonight. Marcus tells us that he's assuming Sugar has the hidden idol, and hopes she won't give that to anyone (a.k.a. Ace) so that one of Fang's big "power players" will be voted out tonight. And by "power player," he means Ace, Matty, or Crystal. Yes, what a powerful trio they are. I believe Ken would call the combination of their mighty might the Triforce. I'm sorry that all of my videogame references are old-school, by the way, but that is how I roll. Sugar demands a kiss from Marcus, and he obliges, causing Charlie to become very jealous indeed. Crystal gives us her post-challenge wrap-up, saying that Sugar is now the most powerful person in the game.

Fang returns home, wondering who Kota will vote out tonight. Ken and Ace guess it'll be Susie, although Ace says he thinks Dan is irritating people on Kota. He is, but how could Ace possibly know that? Ken tells us that in regards to Fang, whoever goes home tonight depends on "the pin-up girl, Sugar." As opposed to the pin-up girl, Crystal or the pin-up girl, Ace? There's no need to be that specific at this point, Ken. He says he'll do everything in his power to convince her to vote his way. But does he even have anything in his power?

After the 30,545th shot of a symbolic snake, Ken chats with Sugar in the woods. He tells her what's been going on at camp while she's been at Exile, promising that every word he speaks is the truth. By the way, Ken tells this story like a six-year-old trying to lie his way out of admitting he threw a baseball in the house and broke a lamp. He says that Matty wants to vote Sugar out tonight, and Ace agreed with him, saying that all Sugar was good for was the hidden immunity idol. Actually, I think Ken might be telling the truth. That's pretty much what was said in the boat. Sugar says that she's not sure she can trust Ken, but she's been trusting Ace and she knows he's "the biggest snake in the game." Back in the woods, Ken says that Ace said he could get the immunity idol away from Sugar, and then they could blindside her and she'd be out of the game and Ace would have her idol. Sugar says the plan for tonight is she'll say she's voting for Crystal, and then she, Crystal, and Ken will vote for Ace. "Blindside Ace?" Ken says. "Blindside Ace," Sugar confirms. I love this plan, but there's no way it's going to happen this way. Crystal is going home tonight.

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