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Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice

Ken heads to Crystal in her usual spot lying in the hut and says Sugar is voting with them. "Yo, I'm with you, too," Crystal says. Well, duh. Otherwise you'd be voting yourself out. Crystal says that while Ken thinks she's safe tonight, she'll only believe that Sugar is on their side when Sugar writes Ace's name down on that piece of paper.

And now it's time for Ace to make his play. He finds Sugar at the dock and says "I'm going to need to borrow something." "What?" Sugar asks, looking genuinely mystified. Heh heh. "The idol," Ace has to spell out. "Why?" Sugar asks, blinking innocently. Ace says they might try to double-cross him tonight and blindside him. "That's not happening," Sugar says. "You never know what's not happening," Ace says patronizingly. Sugar says that Matty won't vote for Ace, so they don't have enough votes to take him out. "So you're willing to risk it? On my neck?" Ace says. Yeah. Better your neck than hers. Ace says he'll give the idol back to Sugar this time, just like he did last time. Um, no, he won't. Because if he's taking it with him to use, he won't have it to give back. Hidden idols are not reusable. "Oh, Ace," Sugar says; "I gotta think about it." Ace pretends he's cool with that. Sugar tells us that when Ace asked her for the idol like Ken told her he would, she started to believe that Ken was telling her the truth. Yes! Ace just dug his own grave! Except I doubt it! I never believe these blindsides until I actually see them, and that so rarely happens. "Crystal's supposed to go next, but plans could change," Sugar says. Please!!

Fang goes to Tribal Council. Probst starts with Sugar and asks her about camp life. This gives Sugar a chance to bring up how Crystal spilled some of the very small amount of rice they have left, but then didn't eat to save more rice for everyone else. Probst asks Ken for the rice tally pre- and post-Crystal, and Ken says they had about seven day's worth before and five and a half after. Which should be enough to get them to the merge if there is one. Matty says they're only eating six to eight spoonfuls of rice a day, and Probst shakes his head sadly. Matty then says that after Crystal spilled the rice, no one made a big deal out of it or yelled at her. Crystal interrupts to say that they didn't have to -- she saw the looks on their faces. Matty asks if he can get to his point without being interrupted, and she graciously allows this. Matty's point is apparently that they moved past it. Probst asks Ace to try to make sense of all of this. "Crystal made a mistake. That's common," Ace says. Wait, does he mean it's common for people to make mistakes, or that Crystal, specifically, often makes mistakes? He then says that Crystal "concocted" this whole thing about people being angry with her. Oh, shades of Kelly calling Crystal unstable! Crystal says she isn't delusional -- she saw the look that Matty and Ace exchanged after she spilled the rice. And from what we could see in the heavily-edited footage, they did indeed share a look. Meanwhile, Matty just looks so angry and over it. He's gone from having no personality to being an angry jock. Meanwhile, Sugar is just sitting there with her typical stupid expression on her face. And now Crystal is saying that when she decided not to eat the rice, everyone made a show of offering food to her, but didn't actually care enough to save her any rice. I'm not sure what she's expecting here. It's like they can't win. Which, since it's Fang, they probably can't.

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