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Previously on Gregg Ggets Ggoing: When Gregg took Jenn and Katie away for a luxury reward, Ian, Caryn, and Tom took the opportunity to compare notes, and realized that Katie wasn't loyal to anyone, and was probably on her way to a new alliance. They decided to force the issue by voting for Gregg, presumably leading to a 3-3 tie. They gave Katie a chance to save herself by switching her vote, and she did, leaving Gregg on the long walk home, much to his surprise. It was a week of surprisingly good sportsmanship and hard play -- can it last? Depressingly enough, you probably know the answer to that.

Koror, Night 33. The final five return to camp in night vision. Anonymous Jenn oils her jaw, opens her mouth, and says that she "had no idea" that Gregg was going to be voted out. Striving for something better than "I miss my cuddly munchkin," she says, "He's definitely been a big part of my existence out here and keeping me comforted, especially at night." And then she's all crying and such, because she's afraid to sleep by herself. Which: gross. Furthermore, it turns out that she is not one of those girls who's a pretty crier. Not that I am, either. Tom tells Jenn that he hopes she realizes it wasn't a personal thing against Gregg, and she says she knows. Ian interviews that A-Jenn is a "smooth operator," which seems like perhaps more credit than she deserves, given that I think "bland" and "smooth" are easily confused. Ian adds that while she's covering it well, he knows A-Jenn totally freaked about Gregg leaving. Who will kill spiders for her now? The way Ian breaks things down, Caryn has "some loyalty" to Tom, while Katie has "some loyalty" to Ian, so the remaining concern is only the possibility of the three women turning in him and Tom. "If we can avoid that in the next twenty-four hours," Ian says, "we're money." It's only twenty-four hours, right? What could go wrong? I mean, he'd almost have to do something pointlessly self-destructive to make that happen, right?

The next day, birds flap about at Koror. Tom and Caryn have a little chat in which he tells her that he wants her to stick around as long as possible -- maybe even to the final two. Caryn asks how Tom sees that happening, and Tom says that Katie is the one who "wavered" in the three-person alliance she had with him and Ian, so he's thinking maybe it should be Caryn with him and Ian to F3 instead of Katie. Caryn wants to know if Ian will go along with that, and Tom says he doesn't know why Ian wouldn't.

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