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Ready? Go! Incidentally, A-Jenn is totally swimming in Gregg's red trunks, as Katie was doing earlier. Caryn and Katie open the challenge by falling off the rope bridge at the first opportunity. Tom, Ian, and A-Jenn run on. First two to return to their own puzzle grids and start working? Tom and Ian. Tom puts his first row in place and heads back out. Ian fills in some pieces and also heads back out. Caryn and Katie have finally made it over to their puzzles for the first time, so good for them! Puzzling follows. Puzzling, puzzling. Caryn sucks at wobbly bridges, as does Katie. Ian is the first to declare that he has his puzzle solved. He doesn't. Tom then calls out his. He's wrong, too. Ian calls it out again -- still wrong. Tom calls it out again -- and he? Is right. Tom wins immunity. Jeff gives him the necklace and reminds him that he's now safely through to F4. He sends them back to camp.

Later, it is still Day 36 at Koror. Tom interviews that, just as he said earlier, immunity was huge for him today. He chuckles that this particular immunity was a matter of being "lucky." He then interviews that the women may still get together and oust Ian. And if that happens, it will be three against Tom, and if he doesn't win all the immunities, he'll be done.

Katie and Ian have a chat in which he admits that the way he handled the reward was "stupid on both levels -- friendship and game." Katie looks at him meaningfully, then says, "It just made me reconsider who you're loyal to." She goes on to tell him that she decided yesterday that she wouldn't make promises -- in other words, she'd keep Ian on the hook as long as possible. I will tell you, I don't think Katie ever considered voting off Ian. I think that if Ian had won immunity, she'd have considered voting off Tom. But this? No. She's loving the feeling of having Ian's fate in her hands, but she's not going to vote him off. "This is the clincher," Ian says to her. "This is our test." She tries to laugh adorably. Hey, laughing adorably when you're completely wrong is advanced jelly, there, sweetheart. It's not for the simple. Caryn watches them talk and interviews that, "after tonight, it's a one in four chance of winning a million dollars." She goes on to point out what we all already know -- that Katie has the choice right now of booting Ian or booting her and A-Jenn. She says she doesn't know what Katie has in mind, but hopes she's "being genuine."

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