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Tribal council. Jeff brings in the jury: Coby, Janu, Steph, Gregg. Gregg and A-Jenn exchange a look. Barf. Jeff immediately brings up the painful subject of the reward challenge. Katie calls it "the darkest day" of her experience out here. Again? Barf. Any use of the words "darkest day" should be considered immediately disqualifying. Ian looks uncomfortable. Katie once again lectures about how the promise was broken, and it wasn't about the steak or the car, and so forth. She claims that it made her "rethink everything that's happened in the past thirty-three days." If so? Stupid. Jeff asks Ian whether he knew how upset Katie was going to be. Ian says that it was his biggest mistake so far in the game, and then adds that it was a personal mistake, too, in that he "really hurt somebody that [he cares] about." He says he "felt really bad," which you might have noticed from all the crying. Is he worried that it might "cost" him? "Sure," he says.

Jeff asks Caryn how she feels about seeing two people on the tribe at odds with each other at this point. Caryn decides to pour out the fact that after Gregg, Jenn, and Katie left for the yacht, Ian immediately told her that they had to vote off Gregg, Jenn, and Katie. Caryn realized at some point that Ian had made competing promises to different people, almost as if he's trying to win the game or something. Can you imagine? She gets all snippy, whining, "I felt really had." Who knew that could happen in a game like this? (Eye-roll.) As usual, Coby is over on the jury doing his best imitation of that Jon Lovitz character on Saturday Night Live who narrated those naughty-stable-boy stories with Tom Hanks. Know what I mean? With the "ooooh, scandalous" and everything. That's what Coby is going for. For some reason, Jeff treats all this nonsense from Caryn as some huge, ground-shaking revelation, which I kind of don't understand, because they all did the same thing. They all tried to get in and out of multiple alliances and to make people believe they had loyalties they didn't have. Why is this shocking?

At any rate, Ian clarifies that Caryn is just as much a part of the boot-Gregg plan as anyone else, and adds that he never intended to vote out Katie. And I love how Caryn says, "That's baloney," as if she knows. You don't know, you fool! Does Caryn not get that Ian only needed Caryn for that vote, and that it's entirely possible that he never did intend to vote for Katie? That he wanted to get Katie back to an F3 with him and Tom, and not with Gregg and Jenn? Does it occur to Caryn that she might be the one to whom Ian did not tell the truth? Apparently, it does not.

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