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Tom explains that, in fact, when they got back to the beach, Caryn told Ian that Katie and Gregg wanted him gone. Caryn makes a large and comical gasping face and insists that this isn't so. Which...what a pile of crap. For one thing, Caryn admitted last week that she had been making the case for a while to break up Jenn and Gregg, so she'd already been trying to get them to turn on those two. Second, she most certainly tattled to Tom that Katie wanted to vote him out, so at most, she's being highly disingenuous by acting as if she never did anything like what Tom is suggesting. Whether Tom is characterizing this all exactly correctly or not, Caryn certainly did what is implied here -- encouraged Tom and Ian to vote off Gregg and Katie, and told them that Katie was disloyal and wanted Tom out. She certainly did those things, and this whole shocked routine is a bit silly. At any rate, Tom points out that after he learned that he and Ian were in trouble, Ian suggested that they needed to take Gregg out. Which is certainly close enough to what happened not to be offensive.

Caryn now insists that Ian didn't trust Katie so much that he didn't tell her about Gregg until right before tribal council. Jeff asks Ian why he didn't tell Katie, and Ian says that he doesn't see where it would matter to him, ten minutes before or three hours before. "Because you're telling me," Katie pouts. "You're telling me what's happening, rather than me saying, 'Okay, let me think on that, maybe I might want to go with Jenn and Gregg.'" Did you hear that? Did you? She is offended that Ian didn't give her time to decide whether to fuck him over. Did you hear that, seriously? Katie thinks that, as her friend, Ian should have made sure she had adequate time to decide whether to fuck him over. It is the stupidest, the lamest, the most logically palsied argument I have ever heard in my entire life, since it boils down to "As my friend, you owed me a fair chance to betray you." SHE SUCKS!

Jeff asks Katie what she'll base her vote on, and she says she doesn't know what she's doing yet. Asked if he wants to give up immunity, Tom doesn't need a really long time to decide. So now, it's voting time. Ian votes for Caryn, saying, "Best three seconds of my day. Can't wait for you to go home." Heh. No love lost there, I guess. Tom votes. Jenn votes. Caryn votes for Ian. Katie votes. When Jeff goes and gets the vote box, the first vote is for Ian. Then Caryn. Then Caryn. Then Caryn, and that will do it. Ha! Go home, grumpy lady. She goes over and is snuffed. Snuff! She walks off. Jeff tells them that there will be three tribal councils and two immunity challenges coming up. "I can't wait to see how this plays out," he says. He sends them back to camp.

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