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My Other Car Is A Pontiac Aztek

Four possibilities that I see: (1) Ian is just plain stupid, and did indeed at one point say that Tom should go if there was a car, so that's what he's doing. (2) Ian and Tom decided to risk it because they thought Tom would also get a car. (3) Ian decided he couldn't take Katie, because it would out his closeness to her, while everybody already knows about his closeness to Tom. (4) Ian wanted the women to get together and vote out Tom. I know (4) is controversial and seems unlikely, but if he knew himself to be in line behind Tom and knew he could get to F4 with Jenn, Katie, and Caryn? Is it possible? I think it's...within the realm of possibility. It's just so bizarre after specifically having that conversation with know? And Tom didn't even look like he had any idea Ian might do that. It's very strange. Something is off, whether it's that or something else.

At any rate, Jeff sends the women back to camp, and Ian and Tom take off in the Corvette, which will now smell like dirty feet forever. It's like having your car submerged in a fish tank -- you can do whatever you want, but you're not getting the smell out.

As Ian drives up toward the mansion, Ian tells us that he's never even had a car, so this is a pretty great deal for him. He and Tom pull up at a huge mansion, and they take a look out over what has been billed as the best view Palau has to offer. Furthermore, there is a ton of food there for them. "Look at that," Tom says, looking down from a high balcony at Ian's Corvette, parked below. "That is yours." Beats a freaking Pontiac Aztek, I'll say that right now. Ian tells Tom that, at first, he felt bad about not bringing Katie, but he reminds Tom that Katie screwed him over at the last reward challenge -- which is totally true. Tom basically says that's all well and good, but that they're going to have to go back and bring Katie back in with them. He interviews that this is their "only play" at this point, so he certainly hopes Ian can bring Katie around. It's all just so painful.

Back at camp, Caryn wants Katie to tell her everything that's been going on with her and Ian. Katie explains that she and Ian have had a pact from the beginning, and that Ian just told her yesterday that he would choose her over Tom for a reward, but then he took Tom today. "And I feel like I lost my best friend out here," she complains. Apparently, the part where she screwed Ian over has kind of escaped her. ["God, seriously! You must have heard me when I kept screaming that at the TV!" -- Wing Chun] Katie repeats in an interview this stupid thing about how angry she is that Ian didn't take her. She refers to this as a "deal" that they made. Apparently, the fact that she was scheming to knock Ian out of the game last week and that she personally knocked him out of the reward challenge doesn't change the fact that he was her "best friend," but his not taking her along with him on the reward does. Her "closest ally" is gone! Gone! Moreover, Katie now wants to know from Caryn what her deal is with Tom, now that she realizes that the women should have made a move back when Steph was still there. Caryn insists that she has no deal with Tom. Katie doesn't believe her. A-Jenn points out that if Caryn has no deal with Tom, then that means she's "expendable." A-Jenn has a very creepy smile. And a very unchanging expression. If these people were all superheroes, she would be Wax Girl. And she's the weakest superhero ever, because of the melting. She would be no match for...well, for The Match, actually.

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