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Katie tells Tom that she's not sure whom to trust, and he points out (quite correctly) that she doesn't have to trust anyone. And it's true. Her reasoning shouldn't be that she trusts Tom and Ian; it should be that she understands that they all have aligned interests. But she doesn't, because she whines in her interview that "Tom sucks today," because he's being so "mean." In fact, she finds him "threatening" and "cold." Girl, when "threatening" comes in the form of telling you what will happen if you do one thing and if you do another, you really shouldn't resent it. Because it's to your advantage, and that's what he's trying to tell you. SHE -- oh, never mind. Tom tells Katie that, in the end, she's going to make her own decision, and she -- rather coldly, I would say, in a way you might even find "mean" or "threatening" -- tells him she hasn't decided yet. "Really," Tom replies plainly.

Back in the shelter, Tom and Ian chat. Tom breaks it to Ian that Katie's not as solid as Ian thinks -- she's wavering, because she just told Tom she is. Moreover, Tom's convinced that Katie doesn't actually care about not going to dinner -- she was looking for a reason to leave the alliance. I do think it's true that she doesn't care that much about dinner, but I don't think she pretended to be upset because she wanted out. I think she was truly upset about Ian because she doesn't know what she thinks about that situation, exactly. Tom tells Ian that the only option they have now is to make it clear to her that if she betrays them after they "carried [her]" so far...and then Ian says, "I'll tell her." And he looks very, very unhappy. He interviews that Tom has changed tracks and is going more with "strong-arming" people, which I think is true, but which is only necessary because Ian fucked up the reward challenge thing, so I don't feel that sorry for him. "I will," Ian repeats to Tom. "I'll talk to her." Ian goes on to interview that there's an argument to be made that he should take Tom out tonight, presumably because Tom has started to piss people off so much. "It's Survivor," he says, feeling ill but trying to look chipper. "Not Parcheesi."

Challenge course. Again, this is a horrible challenge to try to explain, but I will do my best. You cross the famous "wobbly bridge" and then a series of floating platforms and a rope bridge, until you reach a memory puzzle made up of fifteen tiles arranged in a grid. You come back and arrange the tiles on your board to match. Basically, you probably can't memorize the entire thing at once, so presumably, it will be a couple of trips over and back. If you say you're done and get it wrong, you have to go back across before you can try again, which is how they keep you from just trying at random. Incidentally, all the puzzles are different, so peeking at your neighbor won't help you.

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