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Previously on Survivor, Probst totally made up his own version of the show in which Zapato throwing the challenge to get rid of Li'l Russell destroyed their entire game and made them all hate each other forever, when in reality, they won the very next challenge after that, the only people threatening tribe unity were Li'l Russell's girlfriends and a guy who got all butthurt when Sarita said he choked under pressure, and Onamatopoeia only won challenges that were suspiciously tailored to the strengths of its tribe members. Also, Li'l Russell was voted out like three years ago so I don't understand why we're seeing him in the previously on segment at all.

Anyway, the tribe that ruined Probst's great Rob vs. Russell idea by voting Li'l Russell out the first chance they gave themselves, thus earning the host's undying twisted hatred forever, return to camp. Steve hopes to bring everyone back together and talk about David's obvious issues with Sarita, but David is still having his little attitude problem, so he says he doesn't have a problem with Sarita except that he "doesn't trust [her]." Meanwhile, David apparently trusted Stephanie, who was planning on flipping as soon as she hit the merge feast, so I guess he isn't a very good judge of character. David interviews that he voted for Sarita because he wanted his tribe to know "where [he] stood," even if it means he is voted out next. Sarita, who is an adult, says she hopes they can get past this and she's willing to listen to the "constructive criticism" she was given at Tribal and pitch in more around camp and in challenges. Steve interviews that now that they are the tribe of six they always wanted to be, there's a huge rift between David and Sarita. Sarita tries to fix it by telling David she has a lot of respect for him, but he cuts her off and says, "you don't need to give me a speech. It doesn't matter." Steve interviews that he hopes David can be "man enough" to put his petty shit aside for the good of the team, which it looks very much like he cannot.

Matt has been alone on Redemption Island for days at a time since nearly the beginning of the game, but now that he's stuck there with Stephanie, he clearly wishes for some more of that alone time. She talks and talks and talks and talks while Matt just sits there with his buff over his mouth so she can't see him mouthing prayers to Jesus that Stephanie will suddenly be stricken with a plague of laryngitis. Matt says he wants to go into the duel as soon as possible so that, one way or the other, he will be rid of Stephanie.

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