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Probst returns with the urn. Steve is shaking his head, which makes me think he voted for Sarita and is upset about it. Ugh. The first two votes are Sarita and David's for each other, and then there's a vote for "Davie," so I guess Ralph figured out a way to misspell his name after all. After that glimmer of hope, the rest of the votes are for Sarita, who is shocked. David takes a moment to look at her and smirk because he is clearly not used to winning. Act like you've been there before, asshole. Sarita mutters that she didn't even bring her stuff to Tribal. "Don't get too confident," David says. I hope his tribe is seriously regretting their decision to keep him around now. Sarita, nice to the end, thanks Probst for snuffing her torch and waves to her tribe before leaving. As she approaches Redemption Island, she tells us why losing her instead of David was a dumb move on her tribe's part: with the merge coming soon, it's better to have a weaker person going up against you for individual immunity than a stronger one. I think she has a point there, but the time to make it was before her tribe decided to vote her out, not after.

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