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Probst rubs it in by asking Stephanie how she feels when she wants to play this game so badly but is definitely out of it. Well, gosh, Probst, I'd say she feels bad. Sure enough, Stephanie breaks down in tears of sadness before pulling a Li'l Russell and calling out various people in the game. I really hate that they give departing contestants a chance to do this. Stephanie tells Ralph that Sarita doesn't "deserve" to be in this game and that the only way her former tribe will have a chance to win is if they get rid of her next and not David, who she figures is on the outs since he voted for Sarita instead of Stephanie. Um, maybe they didn't know that, Stephanie. Way to out the guy. I mean, it was obvious, but she doesn't know that he admitted to his tribe that he voted for Sarita. She says David is "the only guy" on the tribe who can do puzzles, even though we have yet to see any evidence of his puzzle prowess. "Do you want to take on that responsibility?" she asks Ralph. Ralph shrugs that if he has to, he will. Probst doesn't seem to think that Stephanie has talked enough, so he asks if she has anything to say to Rob or Phillip. Stephanie tells Rob to look out when the merge happens, because Zapato will be gunning for him. She hopes he'll be able to "win" Matt's loyalty back, but that might be difficult. Finally, Probst sends Stephanie away.

But that doesn't end the conversation, as Probst wants to hear from Phillip and what he thinks of Matt's challenge abilities. Phillip is still on his Samurai warrior kick, but not enough to actually know how to pronounce "bushido." He deems Matt to be a true Samurai warrior. Because he can do table mazes and play memory. Okay. Matt is just like, "thank you, Phillip." Probst tells Matt to go back to his lonely beach. Matt leaves and gives Rob a parting shot of "yeah, I won another one" as he passes. If, after all this, Matt goes back in the game and sides with the tribe that voted him out, it will mean that Redemption Island was a meaningless waste of time. And that Matt is stupid. Rob interviews that he knows Phillip will turn against him when the merge happens and he's bent out of shape at Phillip for not being able to keep his mouth shut at the Arena even though he only spoke up when Probst specifically addressed him.

Phillip and Rob walk back to camp. Phillip asks Rob if he wants him to "withhold" any information they gleaned at the Arena. Rob says he wants to be totally upfront with their tribe and not risk splitting them. Phillip says that's what he wants, too, and was just asking what Rob wanted to do. But, of course, Rob chooses to interpret this as Phillip trying to be sneaky and hide things from their tribe, and says he's looking forward to using that against Phillip. They return to camp and tell them what happened and how Stephanie told him that the other tribe is gunning for him. Phillip walks away to get a drink of water, and Rob uses that as a chance to tell the others that Phillip wanted to keep information from everyone, which shows that he's planning to flip to the other tribe as soon as there's a merge. Rob says Phillip should be voted out if they lose again. Like they were going to vote anyone but Phillip before Rob told them that. With that, Phillip falls out of a tree with the clumsiness of both a gorilla and a lion. Rob confidently says if they lose the next challenge, he won't even bother to blindside Phillip out of the game; he'll tell him to his face and "frontside" him. And give him ample opportunity to burn the shelter down with all of his tribemates inside.

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