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Ralph and David give the Arena report to the rest of their tribe. Steve asks if Stephanie "got nasty" after she lost. Ralph says she was. David thinks she wasn't "particularly egregious" in her words. No one on his tribe knows what "egregious" means with the possible exception of Sarita. Ralph adds that it looks like Matt will side back with the tribe that voted him out, so they shouldn't count on him. As David walks away, Ralph says David is just as likely to side with Onomatopoeia as Matt is. The rest of the tribe agrees, and Ralph interviews that you can't trust a lawyer. Oh, but you can trust a farmer? Not if you're a chicken or a cow or a pig or whatever other animals Ralph kills on a daily basis. Lawyers "think they're a lot better than everybody else," Ralph says. Well, that is true. In David's case, anyway. He does little to change anyone's mind about that, as he decides that the tribe should go fishing today, since it's right after a big storm and they had good luck the last time they fished following a storm. Julie says that particular storm came from the ocean, whereas I guess the last one came from inland. Now, she says, the water is all muddy and thus will be bad for fishing. David argues that it will be full of "bait fish" from the river, which should attract the big tasty fish towards the shore.

Steve interviews that some know-it-all little boy attorney is trying to say he knows more about fishing than old farmer Ralph, which is making him "tough to stomach." Even Julie has an opinion about David, saying he is really starting to annoy her. Sarita hates his smirk, and does an impression of it for the group. She interviews that David might think he's the ultimate player of this game, but she thinks he's doing a terrible job in the all-important social game. Which he is, but that's also because there really isn't anyone on his tribe (nor was there before the other three were voted out) like him and he doesn't seem to be able to get along with people who don't know a lot of big words or have much education. That said, the fact that we're hearing about how obvious a boot David is means that, if Zapato loses again, David is safe. I am wise to your tricks, editors! Ralph says David might be smart, but "it don't take a smart one to win this game." No, but you really should be literate enough to know how to spell people's names right when you vote for them, Ralph.

You guys, I really miss the reward challenge. This show is freaking dragging without it. Maybe if they had cast more interesting and likeable people, it wouldn't be boring and/or awful to watch them interact, but they didn't, so it is. Day 18 at Onomatopoeia, and everyone except Rob, who is probably off doing his 158th interview of the day, sits down to a bowl of rice. The girls and Grant sit around the cooking pot and talk about the "crispy" rice, a.k.a. the stuff stuck to the side of the pot. Grant is fishing around for a spoonful, but one of the girls warns him not to take too much, since she promised she would put it aside for Rob. But then they all decide that there's more than enough for Rob and possibly indulge in a few spoonfuls for themselves. It's hard to tell. Phillip walks up and asks for one - just one! - spoonful of the crispy rice. He is immediately turned down by Natalie and Ashley, who say all remaining crispy rice is Rob's. They claim that they haven't had any of the crispy rice either. Phillip rolls his eyes and walks away, but then returns to say he doesn't understand why one little scoop of crispy rice matters. "It's Rob's serving," Natalie says. Phillip says they should all get equal portions of rice, both crispy and not crispy, and he saw them all take spoonfuls of crispy rice. They just deny it and laugh at him and roll their eyes.Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Next





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