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He says go and both tribes are off to a fast start. Sarita is lifted up to get the first bag off the spiral wire, but her tribe has trouble keeping her steady, while Rob is kind of a genius and figures out that he can just swing the bag really hard and let it winds its own way through the coil much faster than it would take to feed it through manually. So, even though Sarita seems to be doing a good job getting the bag off the coil, Rob spins it through in seconds, thereby giving Probst the chance to yell at Sarita for taking all that time and putting her tribe behind. Onomatopoeia loses some of its lead when Phillip, like, gets lost in the bamboo stick obstacle. Rob has to go help him out as Zapato approach the next coil. Mike tells David they're going to lift him up to get the bag instead of Sarita. They do, and while Rob has some trouble getting his bag to swing, David copies his technique and gets the second bag for his tribe, putting them in the lead. Probst doesn't like this one bit, so he totally helps Rob by informing him that he's spinning the bag the wrong way. Asshole.

Both tribes make their way through the net crawl thing. Onomatopoeia is held back slightly when Phillip gets lost again, but the David has trouble with the last bag and gives Onomatopoeia a chance to catch up a little. Zapato makes it through the final brick wall obstacle with their bags as Onomatopoeia get their final bag and make their way through the wall. Zapato starts shooting their balls first, but Onomatopoeia is the first to get one in the net, thanks to Grant being awesome at every sport. He gets a second ball in on what appears to be his second shot, and then a third just after Zapato finally gets one. Zapato follows that with two more, and then a third and a fourth, putting them back in the lead. They only have to make one more basket, but then Grant gets like three more baskets to take the win. It was really close and Zapato was in the lead for most of that challenge, but I'm sure Probst will find a way to spin it that they suffered a crushing defeat due to not having Li'l Russell on their team at Tribal. Can't wait.

He starts a little early, giving Onomatopoeia the idol and telling Zapato that they will have five members by the end of the night and "things are going from bad to worse." With that, a giant helicopter arrives to take Onomatopoeia on their reward and we get a crazy victory voiceover from Phillip: "strong tribes advance boldly. Weak tribes grow agitated. But superior tribes, like ours? WE FIND A WAY TO WIN! And we did." Ha! He could barely find a way to get through the bamboo sticks.

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