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Onomatopoeia enjoy their helicopter ride over an active volcano. They're so happy about winning that they forget about the active volcano that is Phillip and pretend they're all friends and no one is insane. The helicopter lands on the volcano, which is TOO CLOSE. Sorry, I hate volcanoes. People who sit on the edge of active volcanoes are crazy. Rob interviews right next to the horror show that is an active freaking volcano and says that in his four times playing this game, this has to be one of the coolest experiences he's ever had. It could be the hottest, if that active freaking volcano were to erupt, which it could do at any moment. The tribe checks the volcano out from a little balcony thing on the edge and marvel at how they are looking at a hole that goes right down to the center of the earth. Or, you know, just to the mantle. I guess Grant was too busy playing football in school to learn 4th grade earth science. He interviews that he's happy that his tribe can enjoy this experience together. So they do, as the picnic is brought out and they cheer and scream over the goodies. Phillip interviews that he is having a "wonderful day." Not only does his tribe now have a numbers advantage, but he also, for the first time, feels included in the group and is happy to share a meal with them.

And so, while the rest of the tribe eat and be stupid, Rob looks for the idol clue. He spots a jar of cylindrically-shaped cookies and figures, correctly, that it's the perfect place to hide a clue. He spots it and yanks it out without anyone seeing him because the rest of the tribe is talking about pesto or something non-game-related. He cheerfully interviews that he has the clue but it doesn't really matter, since he already found the idol. So he tosses it in the volcano. He'd better be careful. I hear the Goddess Pele issues some hefty fines for littering.

We head back to the misery that is Zapato. Mike says losing sucked. They missed out on food and now they're down in numbers with a merge looming. While horrible buzzard vulture things pick at the carcass of sea turtle (what's with all these dead animals washing up on the beach anyway?), Sarita, Mike, Steve, and Julie discuss who to vote out tonight. Duh: David. Sarita wonders if that's wise, since David is good at puzzles supposedly. Um, Sarita? If it's not David tonight, it's you. So you should be fully in support of David going home. Steve and Mike agree that Mike is just as good at puzzles as David probably is. Sarita says she could probably do puzzles, too, and that if she really felt like David brought more to the tribe than she did, she'd ask them to vote her out for the good of everyone. But he doesn't, so she won't. But she still brought it up, which is odd. Does she secretly want to leave or something? She interviews that she's voting for David tonight because he voted for her and wants her gone, so it's a pretty obvious decision for her. She then asks Ralph about it, and he points out that David "done awesome, though, today" and "done great." I think Ralph just doesn't want to vote for David because he can't figure out how to pull off misspelling his name. I'm sure he'll figure out a way! Sarita says she doesn't trust David. Ralph doesn't either. Sarita interviews that her only reservation about voting David out is that he could beat Matt on Redemption Island and come back gunning for her.

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