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Probst asks Ralph if he agrees with David that it's important for a tribe to be cohesive. Ralph doesn't know, as he doesn't know what cohesive means. Probst puts it in simpler terms, asking Ralph if he'd rather manage a group of guys who were strong but didn't like each other, or a group of guys who were less strong but worked really well as a team. "I disagree," Ralph says. Probst points out that there's nothing to disagree with yet: he was asking him a question. Ralph says he'd rather have the strong group of guys who don't like each other, because they'll work harder and better, unlike the guys who get along and are sure to sit around talking instead of working. HA! Suck it, Probst! Ralph totally made a good point there. Somehow. Steve disagrees with Ralph, saying that a coach would rather have a team that gets along. And he thinks his tribe gets along just fine. Probst says Krista, Stephanie, and now David don't seem to be getting along. Well, yeah, because Krista and Stephanie were in an alliance with Li'l Russell and chose to act like whiny babies when he was voted out. That's not the rest of the tribe's fault. Steve says that's exactly his point: Krista and Stephanie were dissenters in their group, and that's why they were voted out. And their tribe is stronger without them. Probst, of course, has to ask David if he's worried that, as another dissenter, he is being targeted tonight. David says he is, but he promised Stephanie that he wouldn't vote for her and thought it was important to keep that promise. Probst asks Sarita if David's need to keep a promise shows that he's a loyal person to have around. Of course, Sarita doesn't think so. She says that until David voted for her last week, it never would have occurred to her to vote him out, no matter what personal differences they may have had. "I honor my alliances," she says. After some petty squabbling and the use of words like "hierarchy" that you know Ralph doesn't understand, David says he thought voting Sarita out was the best thing for the tribe.

Probst says that tonight, for the first time, Zapato doesn't have a Stephanie or a Krista to vote out. It will have to be a member of the alliance. Sarita says that's true, and her name was written down last week. Probst asks if she'll be seeking revenge on David, then. "Um ... " Sarita says. David says of course she is, and he knows that and so does everyone else. He just has to hope that his tribe will finally value strength over loyalty and keep him over Sarita. Probst sends them off to vote. Sarita votes for David, saying he betrayed her and it's too bad because he has "a lot of great qualities." David votes for Sarita, saying he loves writing her name down. He probably doesn't think she has any great qualities.

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