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So Long, My Lovelies

So on Night 15, Joe takes Airai back to where they baited the crab with coconut, and he finds that there's a giant crab on the coconut. In fact, there are two. He brings them back to camp, and everyone sits down to make some stew. This turns out to be a hell of a fish stew that Joe and Edwin teach them to prepare, and they're all wildly excited about how good it is. Joe makes a toast, and they ask what it means. "Bottoms up," he says, and they all drink. Heh. "James, how do you feel about all these lovely ladies?" Parvati (I think) asks. James half-heartedly gives a thumbs-up. James would return the lovely ladies in a moment if he could exchange them for some sturdy lumber.

The next day, Probst brings in Malakal on its boat for the immunity challenge. They climb up onto a platform. As Airai approaches, Malakal immediately notices Jonathan missing, and the news is broken that he was evacuated for the leg. "Holy crapola," Ozzy offers. And now, Jeff brings in Chet and Jason. "Jason, we lost Jonathan," someone tells Jason as he joins the tribe. "Because of his leg?" Jason asks. No, genius, he died of a busted appendix. "He had to go," says a voice.

At this point, Jeff offers the update. Jonathan went to the hospital, they did surgery to clean out the infection, and they put him on IV antibiotics. And now, he's fine. Jeff asks about the idol, and Jason -- thinking he's extremely smart for throwing everybody off the scent -- says that he thinks Ozzy already has it. Jeff points out that only a few people are well-positioned to know the truth about the idol, and asks Ozzy about this. Ozzy says that either somebody else found it, or Jason isn't very good at following clues. I'm not sure I get that; wouldn't that imply that Ozzy thinks you can easily find it if you can follow clues, which would imply that Ozzy has it, which I don't think Ozzy is trying to tell anyone. Not sure Ozzy thought his response all the way through, either. I've always thought just saying "I don't have it" would be an interesting response. Just, "I have no idea whether Jason has it, but I know I don't have it." Why be cagey? Lying is allowed; it's not a deposition.

So in this challenge, they're repeating the "stepping poles" challenge from Cook Islands. In this one, you get two tall poles, and you have to use them to move two people across the water by moving each pole in front of the other one so the person can step to it, then moving the other one in front of that one, you know? You move one, they step to that one, you move the other one up, and they step to that one. That's the way it's designed to work. And when you've moved your two people, you all have to climb up and balance on a small tower, with all feet on or above the platform. You'll recall that Aitu rocked the balance part of this challenge, and it was pretty great to watch.

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