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So Long, My Lovelies

Honestly, dude doesn't want to be here. Foot, no foot, he doesn't want to be here. His only friend is Tracy, who's more of an ally than a friend, he feels out of place, he's miserable, he doesn't enjoy competing, he's treated like a pariah, he's not going to win...he wants to get out. If the foot is as serious as he's saying, I'm sure it's a mixed blessing. This is not anything he's enjoying. In a sort of funny-mean interview, Ozzy talks about how they lost -- again -- and Chet has graciously asked to be voted off. And Ozzy's like, "Yeah, because we totally weren't voting you off anyway."

Of course, the people who are really, really bummed about this are Tracy and Erik, whose great plan -- seriously, I think it was going to work -- to flip the game on Cirie, Ozzy, and Amanda has just been ruined. Erik pointlessly interviews that the "honorable" thing for Chet to do would be to help Tracy -- his ally -- by staying around long enough to vote out Cirie, or Ozzy, or whomever. Tracy and Erik talk, and he points out that if Ozzy found the idol, this is a perfect opportunity -- perfect! -- to surprise him and vote him out. Which is completely true. The one time he's not going to see it coming is when there's somebody asking to go home. Ami's there, too, and now the shift seems to be to Ozzy. Tracy interviews that "it is imperative" that Chet go through with the vote.

Chet and the chickens are resting. The chickens are like, "Dude, we know just how you feel. Just relax and enjoy the time you have left." Erik, Ami, and Tracy show up to talk to Chet. He's having none of it -- he just wants to go home. Erik begs Chet to take part in "the craziest play ever" to oust Ozzy when he least expects it. Ami interviews that the target has now become Ozzy rather than Cirie, but that's also fine with her, so if Chet, Tracy, and Erik are all going to vote for Ozzy, then Ami will, too. Erik stresses to Chet that he and Tracy are goners if Chet doesn't help them; they'll have no way to defend themselves at all. And Chet has the option of using his "dying breath" -- seriously, he says "dying breath" -- to help him and Tracy. I'm not sure why Chet would want to help Erik, nor do I think reminding Chet of his mortality is the right move at the moment, but I do understand the plea to help Tracy, who's been a great ally to Chet. Tracy cuts off the begging, telling Chet, "Just think about it, okay?"

What's frustrating about this is that I don't actually know what Chet's options are. Could he have voted and then immediately quit? Is there some rule that protects against that? If he quits rather than being voted out, does he sacrifice his prize money? Some of his prize money? Are there consequences? Because yes, if he has the option of literally voting, walking out of tribal council, and immediately quitting, and he'll have no consequences, and if the only reason he's doing this is the cosmetic matter of officially being voted out rather than officially quitting, then it's idiotic, and I do think it would have been a cool thing to do to help Tracy -- who's been his friend and ally -- oust Ozzy and his friends, who are kind of being assholes to him. He doesn't have to, but again, I don't really know what his choices are or what consequences they carry, so I feel a little in the dark. Chet says in an interview that he's thinking about it. Which isn't too enlightening, really.

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