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So Long, My Lovelies

Tribal council. Everyone enters. Jeff asks Cirie about whether there was a discussion of Jonathan and how tough the game is. "It just sucks to go out the way he did. I know if he couldn't argued the point, he'd still be here," she says knowingly and somewhat affectionately. I still think she acted like a total ass to him, but I think there's a perspective that comes from that moment where games fade and actual well-being is involved, and you learn that you don't actually wish people ill. And when Jeff says, "He tried," that's affectionate, too. There's no question that Jonathan is an arguer, which is part of why I like him. I'm an arguer also, as are most of my friends -- not "argue" like "fight," but "argue" like "spirited exchange of views." If you tell him the reasons he should go home and he doesn't want to, you'd better believe he's going to give you the reasons he shouldn't. But like any good arguer, when he loses the argument, he loses the argument -- hence, the fact that the show wasn't forced to handcuff him to a gurney in order to take him to the hospital.

Jeff asks Ozzy what he thought about the exit, and Ozzy basically says he's seen Jonathan live through worse cuts than that. Of course, "worse" with cuts isn't really about the size of the cut; here, it was the puncture-ness that made it so dangerous. I also share with some others the concern that this wound might not have been tended to as quickly as it should have been, since "as quickly as it should have been," to me, would be "as soon as they saw it, at which point the challenge should have been immediately halted for it to be cleaned out," which it doesn't look like they did. I'm not looking to assign blame, but I sure as hell hope they had enough medical personnel nearby to respond pretty much immediately, given how predictable injuries were in that challenge.

Jeff asks Erik about Jason's comment regarding the immunity idol. Did that put thoughts in Erik's head? Erik claims to have thoughts in his head, and he says Ozzy could well have it. How about Cirie? Cirie says she doesn't take the comment at face value, and obviously, Jason could have it and could be trying to hide it. Which is, of course, what Jason thinks he's doing. But not what he's actually doing. Tricky! Jeff asks Ozzy if he's concerned, and Ozzy announces that Chet is going home, so it really doesn't matter. Never going to tribal council again, apparently! Ozzy says that if he gets voted off, he'll be so surprised that he'll "get naked and jump off the pier." It takes a confident person to offer his own nudity to others as a sacrifice for himself and, presumably, an offering to them.

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