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So Long, My Lovelies

Jeff asks Chet what's up, and Chet says there's always some uncertainty. Jeff asks Amanda about coming into tribal council, and strategically, whether she feels like she has to be on guard all the time. She says feeling comfortable is the fastest way to go home. She says she's as sure as she can be of what's going on, but that's...not that certain, after all.

Voting time. Cirie votes. Erik votes. Ozzy votes for "Chettington IV," gratuitously snotting, "Thanks for letting us use you to vote out Joel." Now, what kind of a remark is that? The guy is already leaving, as far as you know; what is the need to crow about how you used him? He's leaving with a medical situation. Is it necessary to grind your foot in his face? That really, really left a terrible taste in my mouth, and I usually find Ozzy a little cocky, but not nasty. That was just nasty and unnecessary. Methinks somebody is getting a tiny bit too...what's the word?...oh, right. "Comfortable." Amanda votes. Tracy votes. Ami votes, saying, "I'm sorry to see you go." Chet votes. Jeff goes off to tally.

Chet. Chet. Chet. Chet. So Chet is gone, and Cirie is the luckiest mofo in the game thus far. The evacuation of Jonathan solved a serious problem that was looming for her on the other side of the game (Jonathan and Eliza, both good players, getting together with likable Alexis, nonthreatening Kathy, and easily manipulated Jason, for instance), and the voluntary exit of Chet took care of an otherwise near-certain tip of power against her on her own tribe. She got incredibly lucky here, having obstacles she created herself (first alienating Jonathan, then alienating Ami) removed without her having to do anything. Had she been forced to play out the consequences of what she did without the lightning-strike luck of medical emergencies, assuming she didn't get bounced tonight, she'd now be in a minority position on a tribe that would undoubtedly continue losing immunity challenges and would have voted off Ozzy, then her and Amanda if necessary before the merge, and she'd basically have no allies after the merge if she made it that far, because she wasn't likely to wind up with Jonathan, Eliza, and Ami after she voted out Yau-Man, and so forth. Luck is absolutely part of the game, and there's nothing remotely unfair about getting lucky -- people have gotten lucky since the show started (heh), and there's nothing wrong with that. But I can't remember any situation where, in a single episode, two major events have happened that were entirely unforeseeable and entirely out of a player's control that have so perfectly conspired to save her ass from her previous missteps.

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